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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – Video from Santa Claws

0 All at Spirit Earth Magazine, would like to wish our readers and contributors a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019! We hope to...
earth sign crystals

Star Sign Crystals for Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Every Zodiac sign has characteristics that make it unique. Certain personality traits (both positive and not so positive) have long been tied to specific...
Reiki Healing Abilities

Reiki Abilities – Developing them to Increase Your Healing Powers

Developing Reiki healing abilities to be a more powerful healer As a Reiki healer, overtime time your reiki healing abilities can keep developing and increasing...
Physical Mediumship & Séances

Physical Mediumship Séances – Physical to One of Five Senses

Physical Mediumship Can Be Sensed by One or More of the Five Senses Trance Physical Mediumship Trance is the most common type of physical mediumship. It involves...
powerful crystal healing

Protective Crystal Stones – Benefit Your Life & Feel Better

Have you ever felt lost? Scared? Alone? Then protective crystal stones are absolutely essential. Certain stones have the ability to bring forth powerful feelings...
Trance Healing Guide

Trance Healing Spirit Healers – Psychic Surgery How it Works

Trance Healing & Healers Giving Healings & Performing Psychic Surgery What is trance healing Trance healing is either where a trance medium or trance healer allows...
crystal healing

Powerful Healing Crystal Stones – Best Crystals to Use

Crystal healing is nothing new. It has been used in many ancient cultures and in countless spiritual rituals. Today, crystals are worn in jewellery,...
Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship – Channeling Spirit Guides & Controllers

Trance Mediumship is When a Spirit Takes Control of The Mediums Mind In trance mediumship and channeling, the trance mediums mind is harmlessly pushed to...
crystal healing family

Crystal Healing & Family – Uses & a Shared Spiritual Journey

It isn’t always easy navigating family situations. When it comes to blood, emotions run high, people get heated, and countless things are left unsaid....
Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic Cord Cutting from Negative People & Influences

Psychic cord cutting can help to set us free of negative people and their influences on us Do you want to be free of that...
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