Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Relief for Anxiety Phobias Pain

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Find Relief from Anxiety Phobias Fears and Pain

How to Free Yourself From Anxiety, Phobias and Pain with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, is a form of acupressure (acupuncture without needles) that helps you block and replace negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, stress and phobias, as well as physical symptoms of illness that cause pain. It does this by accessing acupuncture meridian points that impact your mind.

EFT is a compilation of techniques collectively known as ‘Energy Psychology Therapy’. There are many variations of EFT. Virtually every EFT practitioner customizes it for themselves, and has a theory about it. This guide is intended to show you the very basic form and intention of EFT.

EFT is free to learn and do, does not harm or hurt you, and it works for me. I wonder how I managed without it. It can remove the anxiety and stress from your life, as it has for me. I have cured cold symptoms with it, as well. Feel free to try it on just about anything that bothers or blocks you.

To do EFT, you repeat in your mind, or aloud, a statement describing the negative feeling, phobia, addiction, symptom or thought you wish to eliminate, while you tap your fingers on certain acupressure / acupuncture body ‘meridian’ points to block that negative condition.

Though not invented by him, the Emotional Freedom Technique was refined and developed by Gary Craig, who’s website offers further free EFT training, well beyond the spectrum of this manual – http://www.emofree.com/


Perform Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT when you can take your time. It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete a single, full round of ‘tapping’.


Identify and give a ‘name’ to those unhealthy notions you have about yourself, any pain or problems of which you wish to be rid. Write them down.

Then assess how you feel about the issue(s) to be addressed on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest emotion. Write that down, so you remember that number.


There are two places on your upper chest called a ‘Sore Spot’, because they are tender to the touch. In Oriental medicine it is a neuro-lymphatic reflex meridian point that acts as a switch, turning lymph flow in the area on/off. Rubbing it assists lymph to flow properly, which helps prevent the “psychological reversal” of your stated EFT intention. It is also close to the lung meridians, which help in the psychological ‘letting go’ of issues. You will rub your Sore Spot to begin the EFT tapping procedure.

Find your left Sore Spot less than a couple of inches/50mm directly above where you’d put your hand on your heart, and also on the other side of your chest in approximately the same position. The Sore Spot is sensitive, and feels somewhat spongy, with a diameter of about an inch/25mm. Be gentle as you rub.



The Set-up statement is said 3 times BEFORE you begin to tap on the meridian points.

Your Set-up statement is a sentence with two parts. The first part, called the Set-up PHRASE, contains one to three negative issues to be blocked. The more specific you can be about naming the negative issue(s), the better.

Anything negative can be the first part of your Set-up Phrase, you can put up to three negatives into one phrase using the word ‘and’ between them.

Begin your EFT STATEMENT with the words ‘Even though’, then, for example, add:
… 1. I believe
… 2. I think
… 3. I feel that
… 4. I am convinced that
… 5. I am afraid that
… 6. I hate


…in combination with your negative issue. You want to eliminate these thoughts / beliefs / fears / pain, etc.

Here are some example FIRST part Set-up PHRASES:

” 1. Even though I feel very anxious about my upcoming job interview”
” 2. Even though I have a horrible migraine headache”
” 3. Even though I am deathly afraid of spiders”

Now add the second part, your HEALING AFFIRMATION. The AFFIRMATION is about how you WANT to feel. This second part is ‘positive reinforcement’.

Here are example AFFIRMATIONS, they are the resolution, the final outcome you desire:

“… 1. I fully and completely love and accept myself, and know I will succeed.”
“… 2. I feel fine, and am perfectly well.”
“… 3. I will no longer fear them.”

Examples of fully constructed Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Set-up statements:

“1. Even though I believe I’ll never recover from my break up with <insert name>, I fully and completely love and accept myself, and I know I will be very happy”

“2. Even though I am afraid of flying, I will feel comfortable and at ease throughout my flight, and will always enjoy air travel”

“3. Even though I believe I have a horrible migraine headache, I feel great, and am perfectly well”


After you’ve created your Set-up statement, you make a brief Reminder Phrase to repeat while you are tapping. It’s an encapsulation, the core of the Set-up phrase.

For instance, you will say ‘my interview anxiety’, “my heartbreak”, ‘my migraine’, ‘my fear of flying’ while tapping on the meridian points.

Emotional Freedom Technique



As you repeat your SET-UP PHRASE to yourself (aloud is OK, but not necessary), with the fingers of your dominant hand pressed flat against your chest, rub your ‘Sore Spot’ in a circular motion.

Repeat your SET-UP PHRASE 3 times as you rub your Sore Spot. This step prevents “Psychological Reversal”, preventing your mind and body from ‘backsliding’ to the negative condition. It is a very necessary step.


Begin to gently tap with 2-3 fingertips of your dominant hand on several points on your body, as you think or say your short REMINDER PHRASE to yourself.


Tap each of the following meridian points 7 times while repeating or thinking your short REMINDER PHRASE at each point:

1. between your eyebrows, on the brow bone, closer to the start of your right eyebrow
2. on the bone at outside of your right eye socket
3. directly below your right eye
4. below your nose, on the space above your upper lip
5. the front and center of your chin
6. tap gently with your fist (as if knocking), in the depression at the center of your collar bone
7. under your arm (either one), on the fleshy section below the armpit
8. below your left breast nipple, just above the crease
9. on each finger of your non-dominant hand, but skipping the ring finger, tap at the lower right base of each fingernail
10. on the side of your non-dominant hand, the fleshy pad you would use if you did a ‘karate chop’


This set of taps incorporates eye movements and the diverting of your attention in order to access both sides of your brain, while you tap and repeat your short REMINDER PHRASE. ‘Nine Gamut’ refers to meridian points on the back of your hand.

1. Make a fist with your non-dominant hand, and turn it so your palm faces downward.

Tap continuously without counting, in the ‘groove’ on the back of your hand between your pinky and ring finger, repeating your short REMINDER PHRASE. Now, in succession:

2. Close your eyes gently
3. Open your eyes wide
4. Without moving your head, look down quickly to the floor to your right side
5. Without moving your head, look down quickly to the floor to your left side
6. Roll your eyes clockwise in a full circle
7. Roll your eyes counterclockwise in a full circle
8. Hum 3 seconds of a song, traditionally, “Happy Birthday (to you)” is used, but any tune will do
9. Stop humming, and then count quickly from 1 to 5
10. Hum 3 more seconds of “Happy Birthday”, or whichever song you choose.


Repeat all the 7-count tapping, but do not repeat the Nine Gamut Procedure on your hand.


Now reassess how you feel about the negative issue. Typically, you will find your symptoms greatly reduced.


Usually, it only takes one Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT session to relieve stress, but for particularly traumatic or strong issues, it may take 2 or 3 repetitions of all the steps.

If you re-do the steps, add the word ‘STILL’ to your SET-UP PHRASE, for example: “Even though I STILL feel anger and resentment towards…” or “Even though I still feel pain in my knee”, etc.

Alternatively, explore your feelings further by changing your Set-up phrase to include something slightly or totally different, keeping in mind that with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, you are blocking negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones to eliminate the problem. Recompose your SET-UP PHRASE accordingly, then repeat the entire EFT procedure.

For more information on the Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, see: http://www.emofree.com/

For info on energy psychologies: http://www.energypsychologytherapy.com/

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