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Learn Reiki Healing for Free – Non Certified Reiki Training Video Healing Course

Reiki Kanji SymbolThis is a free online course to learn Reiki Healing. This Reiki training video course, will guide you on how to learn reiki at home for free. You will receive help to attune to channel the Reiki healing forces of the universe. Reiki means universal life force energy, (rei – universal) (ki – life force energy.) Anything that lives has ki energy or spirit energy within and can therefore be healed. Whether it be a person, an animal or anything you can learn reiki online for free.

About Me

I have been healing since 1995 and trained in reiki in 2015/16/17, taking my Reiki 1, then Reiki 2, onto Reiki Master Healer and then finally I took my Reiki Master Teachers in 2017.

Before I took Reiki I was spiritually healing at times and did some training in 2000 at my local spirituals church as a trainee healer. However Reiki really appealed to me much more so, and I love it! I found Reiki attunements really helped in the reconnection to the life force energy and it has much more in depth teachings, to aid the student progression through the different levels of Reiki, for a much deeper understanding of how it works and how best to use and apply it.

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Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Diploma Courses

Although I have made a full online video course for reiki 1, 2 and maybe the odd Reiki Master. I am currently not taking on students and so far have picked two student I know personally, who have taken their Reiki 1, with a live web-cam attunement for one and the other in person.

I intend to develop this in time and offer it to all when the time is right. That maybe in a year or two’s time. So in the mean time I offer this free beginners course.

Reiki Abilities – Developing them to Increase Your Healing Powers

Reiki Crystal Healing

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