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Grounding & Protection

Spiritual Grounding and Protection for Centering Clearing Balancing & Harmonizing

Spiritual Grounding and protection is highly beneficial for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is good practice to do grounding protection daily or when we need to. Grounding helps us to form and reconnect ourselves to the earthly energies and vibration. It is somewhat like plugging ourselves back in to the earthly nature, into the hear and now. This can greatly help us to focus on the present moment and bring more attention to our physical life and what we are doing. Sometimes our mind wonders and looses focus on what we are doing at any given time, or we might find ourselves over thinking.

Grounding ourselves will greatly help to bring us into a state of balance, peace and harmony, through connecting to the earth energies with our entire being. If you have ever walked on a beach with bear feet on wet sand or on grass early when the dew is on it. You may well of notice in a short time, how very centered, peaceful and connected you start to feel. This is how it feels to be well grounded.

Spiritual protection is also very important, especially when doing any spiritual activities or meditations. It can also be used if every you feel you are being affected by others around you. Such as some who are empathic, who sense other peoples emotions and feelings. Sometimes taking other peoples sad, upset or angry emotions onto themselves. So much so that they often cannot bear to be in a crowd, and find they have to leave to get away from it all. Those who have spiritual awareness can also be affected by a spirit or other spiritual influences. Thus it is always wise to learn how to ground and protect yourself correctly.

How to Ground Yourself

The best way to ground is often to walk in nature, with bear feet on grass, or wet sand is often the most effective means of grounding. If not then sitting or standing and seeing roots growing out the bottom of your feet. These are both spiritual and physical in your intent. See them go through the floor or out of a window, going deeply into the earth, deeper and deeper to form a connection to the earth to ground yourself. Or you can see yourself on some grass as a big tree. Then see your roots going very deeply into the earth, to again form a very deep connection with the earth and its energies.

In either case allow your entire being to connect with the earth and its energies and vibrations. Allowing any negative energies to drain and flow down these roots to ground to the earth in mind body and spirit. Allowing the good balanced energies of the earth. Which can be terracotta in colour. Allow the earth energies to rise up through these roots within you. This will help to balance and harmonize your entire being. Within a few minutes you should begin to feel more peaceful and harmonize. You will often find your mind becomes more relaxed and able to concentrate on the present, and more earthly and daily matters. If you feel that you have successfully earthed and grounded yourself, then draw these roots back up into yourself. You can ground yourself as often as you feel it is necessary.

How to Spiritually Protect Yourself

To be able to spiritually protect yourself, is never going to be 100% guaranteed to fully protect you. But it is a wise precaution to take when doing any spirit work involving, spirit and spiritual activities or healing. If healing others then, not only should you ground and protect yourself. You should also ground and protect those you are healing. Then again at the end when you have finish what you are doing. You should close your clients or your own spirit and chakras to a normal state, then ground again. This prevents your clients or yourself, from walking around in an open state, where you might well be open to other peoples negative emotions and energies. Or to spirits having unwanted affects upon you or your clients.

How to best protect with white light

So to best protect yourself. First ground yourself and then close your eyes. Then see a bright white light coming down from the universe. White light casts out darkness and contains all colours. If you prefer praying to receive it, then do so. See this white light coming down above your head and entering into your crown chakra. Then flowing all the way down through all of your chakras, and all the way down through your spirit to your feet. It then rises back up filling your entire being with protective light and energy.

Then see it flow out of the top of your crown chakra, to then fully envelop you and expand out beyond your aura space. This will form a protective barrier and shield of light, to keep out and cast out any negative influences or darkness. This protective light can help to protect us from negative spiritual influences. It can also be used to protect from other peoples negative influences or emotions, when we are around them here. So it might be useful if you are around a negative person, or somebody who is suffering depression. This can help to prevent taking on their negative feelings and illnesses onto ourselves, that can make us feel as they do. This can also help those who are empathic to better protect themselves. You can leave this light of protection around yourself, as it will dissipate in its own time.

Grounding and Protection Videos

These grounding & protection video below will help to guide you with your grounding & protection.

Aura Chakra Cleansing Balancing Healing – Clearing Blocked Chakras Video

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