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Contacting Meeting & Working with Your Spirit Guide, Angels, Animals Guides & Other Beings

Do you want or already have contact with spirit?

There is a growing interest in finding our spirit helpers, such as spirit guide and angels. There are those who are also open to communicate and channel other beings. So we must weigh these things up before going ahead. As some walk into these things with their eyes firmly closed and can end up suffering from it. Sadly not all spirit are good, just like some people here. So there are both good and bad spirits that can come to us, and they can have both beneficial or detrimental effects upon us.

Who are we communicating with?

To begin with we can communicate through the latent sixth senses and clairvoyant abilities with our spirit guide, angels, animal guides and other spirits to work with them, who come in many forms and guises. There are also those who enjoy channeling aliens or beings from other dimensions, and some work with elementals, being mystical creatures like dragons and unicorns etc.

It is my own view that all extrasensory perceptions and communications like these, are all clairvoyant in nature. That is to say spiritual in origin, no matter the form these communicators come in. I believe they are spirits coming from our own spirit realm. It is for each of us and is our own personal decision, as to what kind of spirit or otherwise that we are open to work with. As I have said, it does not matter the form they come in. All that really matters is the quality of the message they bring. which is on the most part is very good.

Can these communicators mislead us?

There have been spirit or communicators that have proclaimed, a great spiritual ascension would take place upon this earth. It never happened and never will; so not all who communicate with those here, are a reliable or trustworthy source of information.

In this lifetime here, we are spirits having a physical experience of life. So as that, there will never be a great spiritual ascension to a higher form of life and existence, as we will always be physical beings until death. Therefore we should not put great weight in such claims, or we will only face disappointment and being let down. One thinks these kind of spirits, are only making false promises to feed their own ego, rather than truly serving mankind.

About Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are people in spirit, who have started their lives here upon this world. Some of them are more evolved than others, and they can come from any time or place in the history of the earth. They can vary in age from many thousands of years old, to less than one hundred. Some spirit guides might be group souls, that is to say, they might of had more than one life upon the earth, by having one or more reincarnations.

How many spirit guides do we have?

Everyone has at least one spirit guide, and in most cases, we would have anywhere between one to several spirit guides. Most of us have a master spirit guide, they normally are more evolved and is in charge of our spirit guidance. We normally have a healing guide to help us with healing, if we choose to pursue that path.

Often one or more of our spirit guide, will stay with us all of our lifetime, while others may come and go as they please. We can at times have spirit helpers, who come to aid us in certain ways and directions, with a spiritual ability like trance mediumship for instance. They to are often learning and benefiting in themselves by helping those here. Our guides can be male or female, although a few come without giving any gender. Many people ask what is my spirit guides name? Yet some spirit guides never choose to give their name.

Spirit guides are there to guide us

Our Spirit guides are called this for a reason, as they are there to guide us, if we seek to develop our spiritual abilities and awareness. Spirit guides are not there to live our lives for us, and will step back at times. Especially when we need to make our own choices. Sometimes they can see we are going to make a mistake, and they have to step back again and let us make our own mistakes, as this is part of our learning process in this lifetime.

How to work with your spirit guide

Our spirit guide does not presume that we wish to work with them. Even if we are aware at times in our life, that they are around us. Some children see them standing a little way away from themselves, and sometimes they form a friendship with them. Often with children, spirit guides will show themselves as a similar age, to help children to feel more comfortable with their presence.

If we choose to work with our spirit guide, angels or others. Then often we firstly have to invite them to work with us. However if we have some spiritual awareness, then sometimes they give us signs they are there. This is often given to spark our interest and curiosity. Some are aware that their spirit guide or angels are trying to contact them, and may pursue it further at some stage. Some find spirit by their own means, while others might go to a spiritual awareness or development class.

Working with Angels

Working with angels is very similar to working with spirit guides, only that they work on a different vibration and with a different energy. Angels will often help us to help others in need.

Animal Guides

At times in life we may attract an animal guide. Sometimes it can be an animal we have an affinity with, but this is not always the case. These animal guides will often bring their nature, strengths and wisdom to help us in our lives.

Working with all other spirit

These can be mystical beings and creatures or aliens and such like. Again we communicate to these spirit through clairvoyance and each will bring their nature, strengths and wisdom to help us in our lives, as well as often helping others.

How to Communicate, Connect and Work with Spirit

Firstly We Need to Learn the basics

Before connecting with spirit we must learn the basics of communication with them or other beings in the safest manner.

    1. Ground ourselves.
    2. Protect ourselves.
    3. Open our spirit and chakras.
    4. Meditate and invite them and raise our awareness and vibration to be more aware and sensitive of them.
    5. Close our spirit and chakras after working with spirit or after any spiritual work or meditation.
    6. To end we should ground ourselves to reconnect to the physical plane of existence and back to the here and now in the present moment.

There are videos below that will help you to learn these basics.

Caution – Take little steps

Remember not all spirits are good, so it will never be 100% safe to develop to become aware of spirit. If you do these things, please be aware of that, and that it is at your own risk if you do so. This is why I suggest if you wish to develop awareness of spirit or other beings. Then it is best done in a group with an experience medium or channeler, who can best guide you how to do it in the best manner.

If you connect with any spirit or other communicators, then meet them like you would meet a stranger here. Do not blindly trust them. Trusting spirit might seem easy to do, but it is not always advisable or wise. Get to know them slowly, a little at a time. Never jump in the deep end, by fully trusting any spirit or other communicators. Not until they are worthy and earned your trust.

I say this because I have had people, come to me for help after they played with spirit through the Ouiji board and such like. Where they fully trusted them and then found this spirit turning on them. And then attacking them once they had enough control and influence over them. Believe me once it gets that bad, it is very hard to undo the damage and connection they have formed with that person. To then be able to break the connection to get rid of such a spirit.

How Quickly can I develop this ability to communicate with spirit?

Some people have always had the ability, even if they have hidden it. With most it is a latent ability that takes devotion and dedication to develop over time. Some people expect these things to happen overnight, and it does not work in that way for most. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance in most cases, that can take many years in some cases to develop.

Some are complete naturals to it, who already are or are soon able to communicate with spirit. It can with some develop in a matter of weeks. With most it will take many months of regular practice to develop. There are also those, no matter how hard they try, they find that it never develops. This is often their own mindset and thinking that is blocking them. Because they are questioning if it is real or not, and how can they possibly hear a spirit in their physical brain? When it is not so much the brain that senses spirit, it is more the spirit mind that has these abilities and senses.

Those who question it

Those who doubt in these abilities will often not earn them, and mostly they do have to be earned. Sometimes this is because they have a lack of faith or self belief in their own spirits abilities. In this case it is possible that their own spirit can see this, and decides they are not worthy of such a gift. It is sometimes cause because of their disbelief and questioning the reality of it all. So we do need the right mindset toward these things, or we will not progress very far. Like some things in life, you have to take a leap of faith and trust in your own abilities, that you can do this.

How to become aware of spirit

To become aware of spirit we need to be open to take our spirit and spirit mind into a higher state of perceptions and awareness of spirit. Then the spirit mind is more able to sense and perceive spirit. This is a heighten state of vibration, that we need to go up into. It helps us to form a connection with spirit, on a higher level of spiritual awareness. Our thoughts and thinking are vibrations, and we open the spirit a being of energy. In this spiritual state, we need to become somewhat like an aerial. That can both receive and transmit in a heightened state of awareness. It can be a little like a daydream state of mind. We mostly practice this in meditation and allow our minds to still. So that spirit can impart senses to us, that then come into our awareness.

Meditating with spirit

Third Eye

It is good to set a regular time to do this, at a time when it is quiet. Evenings are a good time, as often we are in a more relaxed state. Sometimes early mornings are also a good time. Have the lights low, put on some quiet gentle meditative music, lights or some candles, and have some aroma therapy oils burning. This all helps to create the right ambience and setting.

Once we have learned the basics and have the belief, then we can get started. Now it is time to progress onward to begin with the meditation. Sit or lay down comfortably and securely, and close your eyes. Then put your hands palms down on your legs or by your sides, keeping your legs uncrossed.

To begin a meditation

Now begin by grounding and protecting yourself. Then open the chakra energy system and perception centers, as in the video below. Now open your mind to link in to communicate with your spirit guide. Begin by inviting those spirit you wish to communicate with into your aura and protective space. They will blend with your aura and energies, to pass you what they feel will help you best. To do this we send out a thought to them or simply just speak it, as they will hear. Now we take ourselves up in mind and spirit to a heightened state of awareness. Raising our spiritual vibrations to a more aware and perceptive state of spirit. This is so that we might better connect with our spirit guides, angels or others we have invited to work with us.

We then quiet our minds to allow these spirit to blend in our aura and pass us the senses or feelings, they wish to impart to us. While allowing them to use our mind, to pass their thoughts into our mind and perceptions. They may surface in many ways or senses, such as we might know, see, sense or feel something they are giving us. These are all different forms of clairvoyance and psychic abilities, that we are capable of. There are other ways in which we might sense or become aware of spirit as well as those above.

Experiences and sensations during meditation

After a short time you might become aware of spirits energies around you. This can tingle or itch, the itching can become very intense, as our guide or those we have invited are sharing their energy to power us up. This is to help develop us and open us more so to perceive them and what they are giving us. The intense itching can be very hard to bear at times. You can ask spirit to back it off a little, but it happens to help develop us, so try to bear it as best you can.

Our spirit guides or other spirit will open our chakras with their energy. This can feel like pressure on top of the brain and in the minds eye. It can often lead to a headache forming after 10 minutes or so. Again spirit are trying to open and power up our chakras more, by sharing their energy. This is to help our chakras to develop. Therefore with this help we can become more sensitive to what they are giving us. Other chakras may also open more fully during the meditation, and again it can give feelings of pressure and openings. You may also experience tingles and wind like sensations, as well as warm or cool energies around you. At times they can be very hot or cold.

Questioning spirit

If at any time, anything makes you feel uneasy, or you do not know what is happening. Then do not ever be afraid to ask your spirit guide what it is or why a certain thing is happening or being experienced during your meditation with them. Sometimes something happens and we do not understand it, or don’t know what it is or what it might mean. If this happens ask your spirit guide to explain it, as this is how we learn. By asking not just excepting, and it is always ours to question.

So never be afraid to ask any question you might have of your guides and angels etc. If at anytime you wish to stop or do not feel comfortable about something, then do so. On our first meditation 15 to 20 minutes should be fine, for the first few sessions. Then maybe extend it to 30 minutes for a few weeks. If after that you wish to meditate for longer, then up to an hour is fine. Some may find it is quite draining to do longer meditations to begin with. You can ask your guide to give you energy, if need be.

Once you have finished your meditation

Once finished, thank those spirit you worked with, and then close your spirit and chakras to a normal state. We should ground ourselves for a minute or so to the earth, to reconnect and plug ourselves back into the earthly and physical vibration, in the hear and now. Then open our eyes and brush off any excess energies from our face and arms, or anywhere else we feel it. Then it is good to drink some water or fluids.

During some meditations, if you have a need of healing, you can ask spirit to give you a healing during the meditation. As they like healers here can also give us healing directly through our aura.

Video Play List

Now you can follow the video play list below for grounding and protection, opening and closing yourself correctly. Followed by the 3 guided meditations to connect with your spirit guide or angels etc. You can ask for a animal guide or other communicator to come forward instead, if you wish during these meditations.

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