Reiki Hand Chakra Cleansing & Balancing is Important for Healers

Reiki hand chakras energy
Generating a ball of energy through our hand chakras to balance and cleanse them

The importance of Balancing and Cleansing Our Hand Chakras in Reiki Healing

This article assumes a basic familiarity with Reiki practice, and is directed at the student and beginning practitioner hand chakra cleansing can clear negative energies and blockages.

There are many more chakras in the body than the famous seven on which we focus when we study Reiki. These include multiple chakras in our hands and feet. The hand chakras are extremely important, because they are what we use in our Reiki practice. This article will focus in essence on hand chakras, and how to keep their energy clean and healthy.

Many Chakras

Hand chakra chart
Chakra positions on the hand. There is a center chakra, and two full sets of seven chakras on each hand.

Each hand has a central chakra that is an energy vortex. Your dominant hand’s central chakra moves energy in a counterclockwise direction, while your non-dominant hand’s central chakra moves in a clockwise direction. These center areas are the main energy portals for your healing work, but not the only ones. The seven body chakras are likewise replicated in at least two positions on both of your hands. They are:

The Crown chakra’s duplicate is at the tip of the thumb
The Brow chakra is just below the bend of the thumb joint
The Throat chakra is at the base of the thumb at the joint
The Heart chakra is at the base of the middle finger
The Solar Plexus chakra is below the hand’s Heart chakra
The Sacral chakra is at the base of the pinky finger
The Root chakra is at the base of the thumb’s pad of flesh, just above the wrist

Besides the main seven, there is a second, full set of the seven chakras along each thumb:

  • Crown chakra at the tip of the thumb
  • Brow chakra just above the knuckle
  • Throat chakra below the first knuckle
  • Heart chakra below the Throat chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra on the inner hand near the bottom joint of the thumb
  • Sacral chakra is between the Solar plexus chakra and the
  • Root chakra, which is at the base of the thumb’s pad of flesh above the wrist.

Hand Chakra Hygiene

It is of great importance to keep one’s hand chakras clean and balanced, because everyday use of our hands can cause chakras to become blocked. This consequently leads to inaccurate scans or even the inability to scan. Worse, it can block the flow of healing energy, rendering our work ineffective. Importantly, blocked hand chakras can prevent self-healing.

Many of us are taught to use water in a stream or bowl to cleanse our hands prior to healing, while envisioning them cleansed, but that may not be sufficient. Aditionally, some people may have not been taught about hand chakras at all. My early training did not include this information. It is straightforward and simple to do, yet many do not know about it. I learned this technique after I achieved Shinpiden certification, because I started to feel the impact of hand chakra imbalance. Therefore, I offer you this useful practice to intentionally generate energy into your palms, then reabsorb it.

How to Tell if Your Chakras need Balancing and Cleansing

Your hand chakras may be blocked if you feel a distance or lack of connection with people, animals, and your environment, if you feel a lack of clear energy flow, or if your mudras feel ineffective.

Steps to Balance and Cleanse the Hand Chakras

  1. Cleanse your hands with water.

2. Center yourself as you would for a healing session. Take some long slow breaths, filling yourself with Light as you inhale.

3. Invoke the first power symbol by visualizing it before you. Imbue it with the intention of cleansing and balancing your hand chakras.

4. Hold your hands with palms touching and rub them gently but quickly together for a few seconds in the natural directions of their central chakras (as noted, above), so they move in opposite directions. This motion should happen naturally.

5. Envision a glowing ball of light forming between your palms. Slowly separate your hands, feeling the warmth and vibrations grow and expand. Pass the energy back and forth between your hands for a few moments.

6. Gently move your palms together and let the energy flow back into your body.

Further Study

In conclusion, there are different ways of cleansing and balancing one’s hand chakras besides that given above. By all means, explore this practice and make it your own. Below is a link to such a method. As always, remember the power of intention in healing yourself and others.

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