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Empathic Abilities

Empathic Abilities Feeling & Sensing Others Emotions & Overloading

Empathic Abilities from Psychically Sensing Others Emotions and Feelings Having Empathic Abilities Can be a Blessing or Curse. Empaths can pick up and sense or...
Spirit Realms Afterlife

Spirit Realms & Afterlife – Planes of Spiritual Evolution & God

The Spirit Realms and Afterlife Hereafter & The Evolutionary Planes of Spirit The spirit realms, no matter what different names we might give them, are...
Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction – Potentially Additive & Manipulative Algorithms

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media can ruin your life Social media addiction and manipulation is a genuine concern, especially where the the younger...
technology and new age

Technology and New Age – Using Digital Media for Spiritual Growth

It used to be that new age was a niche market. You had to really be looking for a specific shop, book, or item,...
Killing Bees Pesticides Banned in France

France Bans All Five Pesticides Killing Bees – First in Europe

France is the first European country to ban five bee killing pesticides In a bold move France bans all five bee killing pesticides. This will...
Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires Psychic Emotional Vampires Draining Your Energy

Energy Vampires and Psychic Vampires Stealing Your Energy & White Light Protection There are two type of energy vampires. Those who receive or take our...
Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout Calorie Blasting Training – 32 Min Video No Equipment

Full 32 Minute Cardio Workout at Home with No Equipment for Calorie Blasting Cardio Training Cardio workout is a exercise to raises the heart rate. Our...
Past Life or Lives

Past Life Reincarnation – Past Lives & Signs of Rebirth

Have I Had Past Lives Reincarnation and Rebirth to Experience Another Lifetime? Please except or reject what I say as you see fit about past...
understanding nightmares

Nightmare Meanings – Interpret What Your Dreams Are Really Saying

No one is immune to bad dreams. They are an unfortunate reality for many, with an estimated one out of every two adults experiencing...
Past Life Spirit Wife Su Ling

Past Life Spirit Wife & Spirit Guide Suling – My Wife in This Lifetime

My Past Life and My Past Life Spirit Wife and Spirit Guide Suling I personally believe in reincarnations. Why because I have had four past...



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