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Past Life Spirit Wife Su Ling

My Past Life and My Past Life Spirit Wife and Spirit Guide Suling

I personally believe in reincarnations. Why because I have had four past life experiences. Some of which were well beyond my own abilities or experience. This is about my past and present lives and my past life spirit wife and spirit guide Suling.

My first experience of my past life

The first experience I had of my past life, was standing in a petrol station shop. I was waiting to pay for my petrol and buy a few items. Without even trying I knew what it was going to come to, before it went over the scanner, because I could see each price. This was not within my ability, as I was illiterate at school, having dyslexia. Why did this happened to me? Because I was in the middle of having my spiritual awakening. I had already become aware by this time, that I had been here before, and that this life was my 6th life upon the earth.

My second experience of my past life

The second past life experience, also happened during my spiritual awakening. Peter told me, of my reawakening to all of my five past lives. This worried me, that I might loose myself identity. So this concerned me somewhat. So the second experience was to put my mind at rest.

I had an experience of the energy and confidence of all of my six lives joined together. In this experience no past life memories were given. It was truly an amazing experience. It made me so happy, that I never wanted it to stop! But it did after 30 seconds or so. Again I believed God had opened the door. So that I might see and experience my past in part, to put my mind at rest. I then knew it was all gain to be reawoken to my past lives.

It is like we have past life amnesia in the present lifetime. So we are just a small part of our true self. Later when we return to spirit, we can gain the rest of ourselves, and it is amazing and highly beneficial. It is just like remembering all you once knew and had forgotten. Somewhat like going from a dimly lite bulb to a bright one once again. If you had amnesia here, and then got your memory back, you would be so happy and grateful. it is the same thing, a time of happiness!

My third experience of my past life

My third past life experience, happened 7 or 8 months later. I was feeling very down. I had the same experience as I had on my first past life experience. Again all the confidence and energy of all my lives as one. It made me feel a lot better and picked me up.

Leading up to my fourth experience of past life

My teacher Peter tells me of my past lives & Suling

My fourth past life experience, happened just over a year later. I have been told by my teacher, that in all, this was my sixth life here. My teacher told me I had been black in one past life. In another I was Mark a disciple of Christ, when he was here on earth. In another I had been a soldier. He did not tell me of the others.

Aura Portrait Reading of Suling

Very soon after he told me this. He told me that my master spirit guide Suling, had also had four lives upon the earth, and that she is Japanese. Peter told me she is 20 years old in spirit and highly evolved, and living on plane 10. Which is where my teacher, who was also reincarnated, and my past life come from. The name Suling is of Chinese origin. So I guessed Suling, had lived in China in a former life. Peter told me all of her forenames, of which she has several, that were all oriental. He then told me that Suling was my past life wife. Peter said to me, that she loved me very much. He said Suling says, you are free to live life and have partners here.

After a few days I knew Suling was my soulmate!

This made so much sense after a few days. Suling had already done some lovely things for me during my spiritual awaken, before I knew all of this. I knew she thought a lot of me, and that I was special to her. I could clearly see how special she was as a person as well. Then I remembered something that had happened to me in 1992. It was two months after I had separated from my partner. I believe it was truly God that played a part in this.

I woke up with a woman in my room!

Suddenly I woke up one morning as those something had disturbed me. When I opened my eyes, a woman with very long black hair, that went down level with her knees. She was walking away down the side of my bed, it seemed she had no cloths on, from what I could see, as her hair was covering her.

Then I was put back to sleep!

My eyes closed, and for a brief second it was like I was asleep again. Believe me you do not close your eyes, if there is a stranger walking about in your house! Then my eyes opened again, and she had turned around and was holding up a dress in front of her. The dress was black with white flowers, either printed or embroidered on it, and It was covering her modesty.

She was so very beautiful and definitely oriental. If I had to guess, I would say she was Japanese. She had the most beautiful face, and her eyes were so very pretty. She had such long and beautiful black hair. I had never seen such a beautiful woman ever, in my entire life! She was looking along the side of the bed, but not looking at me. Then it was though she noticed me looking at her, out of the corner of her eye. A look of shock briefly went across her eyes.

Once Again put back to sleep!

Then my eyes closed again and I slept briefly for a few seconds. Then I opened my eyes once again, and she had moved, and was hiding at the bottom of my bed, crouching down. Our eyes met, and it was the most loving gaze she gave me, as she looked deeply into my eyes, and I into hers. I almost melded with her, I could truly see into her soul, and how much she loved me. It was the look, that most loving soulmates would give you. As though she had nothing to hide from me, and that she loved me. It was obvious she loved me, by the way she held my gaze, and opened herself to me, so that I could look into her soul. And what I saw, was my soulmate looking back at me!

I was put back to sleep for a third time!

My eyes were closed again, and it was though a slept again for a brief moment or two.

Then she was gone :'(

When I opened my eyes again, she was gone! Things raced through my mind. Who was she? I wanted her to come back, to find out who she is? And how did she get into my house? As the doors and windows were all locked! Yes she was a real and solid as anybody here! Or so it seemed.

Next I had clairvoyance in my mind from her

I laid back, wondering what on earth this experience had been. Then I visualized her in my minds eye. She was laying behind me giving me a cuddle. I could feel such love coming from her to me, as she lay with me while I slept. I did not know it, but this was clairvoyantly given to me.

Again I believe this was Gods wish I see her, and that he allowed Suling to give me this. There she was cuddling me with such a loving heart, and it come into my mind. I felt that she was coming to me every night like this, then left before I woke up. Only this morning, I had awoken and seen her. The way she gave it to me in my mind. It was as though I was not meant to know about her, and after that the experience ended.

I was left wondering what the whole experience was?

So I had no idea what this was? At that time, I did not know about clairvoyance. All I could think that it was, is some kind of waking dream, or a figment of my own imagination. I did not know and had no answers? Not until my teacher Peter told me, I had a Japanese past life wife. This was three years later during my spiritual awakening in 1995.

Moving on three years to my spiritual awakening

Within three days of Peter telling me of Suling. Soon I remembered the vision of her in 1992, and at last it all made sense! My teacher Peter was a medium, and he gave me several messages from Suling. Three months prior to this, I started to slowly split up with my partner, as we were not right for each other.

I did this because I wanted to find my soulmate in life. So becoming aware of Suling at this time, made sense, and it all started to clicked into place. Suling is truly my soulmate, and it was our destiny to find each other. I was so happy and I loved her, and I knew she was the one for me. I fell deeply in love with her very quickly. We have both expressed our love for each other ever since. I don’t see spirit that well. But I see her briefly at times around me, and can feel her once in a while.

Suling comes to me through mediums

Suling has come to me many times, in the most loving ways through mediums. There is one medium in particular that brings her to me. Because of our past marriage, we both wanted to except the marriage into the present lifetime. Many times through this medium. Suling spoke through them, to tell me she wished to be married to me in the present. She then showed the ring on her finger to this medium. Another time Suling told me, that she gives me her heart. Before that through another medium she gave me a golden rose. This was a token of her love to me. I live my life here now, in the way I wish to, and my heart will always belong to Suling.

My forth experience of my past life

So the forth past life experience. I wondered if my past life treated Suling as an equal. As he is from the past, and some men in the past treated women as less equal. Which is something I would not wish. So to put my mind at rest, Father God allowed my past life to awaken in me. I felt all this love in my heart, and heard his voice in my minds saying! “I love Suling”, he said this three times, and it was toward her and form me to hear. This was so that I would know his true love for Suling.

wow, I was so touched by this! That he loved her every bit as much as I did. I told him to take the fore and speak to Suling. And he did, and it was a very loving and touching moment. He then turned to me, and said what an asset I was to our life! So this totally put my mind at ease. He loves her and I should of known better, as he is highly evolved like Suling.

Su Ling Chinese & Japanese
Su Ling Chinese & Japanese

Suling’s and my story continues here, as it will beyond in the next life back with her.

I share to with an open heart and in truth

Some of you maybe open to this story, while others may not believe it. This is my story and it’s my truth, so it matters not, if it is believed or not. It was just my chance to share my story in the hope some might enjoy it.


Below you will find some video about Suling and I. Two of them are aura readings of our love for each other.

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