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Past Life or Lives

Have I Had Past Lives Reincarnation and Rebirth to Experience Another Lifetime?

Please except or reject what I say as you see fit about past life. Nobody from the earthly life, can truly know all there is to know about the spirit realms and life hereafter. Because it is just like looking through the crack of a door, we can only see so much of what really lays beyond this world. Those like myself, therefore put all the pieces of the puzzle together, as best we can. Then from what we can glean about the afterlife, often from what spirit tell or teach us. We then fill in the gaps as best we can. So that we can give what we believe to be the most likely truth.

How many here on earth are reincarnated and have a past life?

It is hard to say, how many of us have had a past lives or life. I would guess it is in the millions, rather than billions. From what I can tell, there are most likely more of us here, that are having our first life and experience upon this world.

Why doesn’t everybody here have a past life?

New Life Old Past LifeTo begin with all spirit returning through reincarnation, have to be fairly highly evolved. They also have to of worked off any karmic debt. So for spirit on the next plane of life to achieve the level, that it takes to reincarnate would be very unusual. This lessens the amount of spirit able to return considerably.

Those spirit who are reincarnating, are very carefully match to the new life here. This is so they will be nothing but complementary to us, as we to them. If all spirit could be reincarnated, we could end up with a very good or very evil spirit with us. God knows, that we would not want an evil spirit reincarnating here with our new life. So this is why only good and complimentary spirits can reincarnate, and join with our new life.

Plus not everybody here, would want to have a past life reincarnated spirit with them. If this was done, then some when returning to the spirit realms, and being told they have had a past life, may not wish to be re-awoken. This would mean that the past life would be trapped dormant within them forever, which would be very unfair to that life. So this is why Father God, very carefully picks those here. Those that he knows would be happy to find their past life, and become re-awoken to it once they return to the spirit realms.

What can reincarnating spirits ask for?

There are some limitations on what can be asked for. A spirit can ask to be born in a certain country, or even a certain place like a town or village. It is much harder for them to ask to be born to a certain person. They can ask for certain experiences in life. To have these experiences, Father God simply through prediction, reincarnates them within a life that is suitable. That life will then have most of these experience, in their life by natural occurrences.

Reincarnation spirits and genders

Reincarnating spirit, always remain the same gender as their first life. The reason for this is, if you could imagine, in you first life you are one gender, and in the next like the oppose gender. Well when you get re-awoken in the spirit realms, you would be half male and half female and this could and would cause a conflict. As one half of you would be trapped on opposite genders body and unable to express yourself gender fully. Not only that, you might well end up with an gender identity crisis happening. Not to forget mentions you could end up very confused, about what you sexual preference are? So it does not happen because of this and other practical reasons.

Predestined life plans

The new life does not have a predestined life plan, as the past life has no bearing on any destiny, that the present life might have. so the new life, will have exactly the same experiences, regardless if there is a past life present or not. Other than a very few who have served god directly, such as Christ. Who had opportunities put before them in their destiny by god. That they were allowed to choose, whether to take them or not, by their own free will. However that past life, is with a new life that will still have most of the experiences they have asked for.

Old and group souls

Some mediums and psychics, will tell some here in readings, that they have an old or group soul. This means you have lived a long time before this lifetime, and have one or more past lives, if they are accurate.

If I am reincarnated, am I the spirit and soul of my past life?

Yes and no. All that are born here, are given a new spirit and soul, to experience a new life. Are our past lives one with the new spirit and soul, only that it is dormant and in an unawoken state within the new life. Therefore it has no bearing on the new life, or the experiences that life will have.

Past Life Amnesia

Our past life, will have no real bearing on our current life, as we have what is call past life amnesia. This in affect means our past life will have no effects on our new life, during the whole of this lifetime. So each of us has a clean slate and a fresh start in a new lifetime here.

Do we have past life karmic debt?

No we do not have any past life karmic debt. The reason for this, is as I said, only more evolves spirits can reincarnate, and they have worked of any karmic debt, they might of had before returning here. So it has no bearing on this life. Any past life present must, only be beneficial to any new life to have present.

What are the benefits to us if we have a past life with us?

The benefits of having a past life are enormous. If you have had one past life for example. Then when you return to spirit in your own time, can get reawoken to your past life or lives. Then when re-awoken it is like you have had amnesia and found the rest of yourself. You will be very happy for this, as it is all gain. Once re-awoken you will be two lives joined as one. When this happens, you will have your own, and their experience combined as one. Your intelligence will almost double.

You will become a much more powerful spirit. Having some abilities beyond what you had here. Each new life after that, ads in a similar manner. Only that the gain lessons with each new life a little. Until after several lives, the gain is not that much. And more progression, can often be found through remaining within the spirit realms. So returning here for another life, more than ten times would be pointless in most cases.

What and who do I become when I get awoken to my past life?

You will still be yourself in the spirit realms, and can choose in your own time, when to be reawoken. When reawoken, you will be a mix of yourself and your past life. You will become a new person, as a mixture of yourself and any past lives. Don’t worry you will not vanish, you will be more than you were that is all. You will still love all those you have loved and cared for here, and those in spirit you love. Your new mixed life will also love those your past life has loved.

I can promise you from my own experiences of past life, that you will be very happy once awoken to you past lives. And you would not want to go back to how you were before your awakening to your past life.

How do we get awoken to a past life?

It is simple, you ask god and you stand before him in the hall of learning. There are no books there to learn from. What we learn of, is our past life through awakening to all we are and have once been. Father God is a most loving soul, and he re-awakens those who are ready to find the rest of themselves. At this part you remember all you are as a whole. Your spirit life force energy, is joined with that of your past lives, and it is amazing! You will have all the abilities of your past life once join together. This feels somewhat like a dimly lit lamp becoming very bright. Personally I virtually felt like superman, when I had one of my past life experiences. Believe me when I say, I did not ever want it to stop.

Past life experiences

Just how open we are to past life experiences varies. In most cases, I feel Father God really holds the key, to any past lives, or past life experiences. But there maybe some ways that past life experiences might be possible.

You may have dreams of a past life, they maybe recurring.
Having experiences that feel so familiar, and feel like you have done it before. But not in this current lifetime.
Visiting places that you have never been to, yet you feel you know the place and have been there before.
Having a past life experience during a meditation, or in an altered state of mind.
Past life regression

Past life regression, has been use to hypnotise some people. To then regress them back before this current lifetime. This is to help them remember the past in a past lifetime. It can be one of many lifetimes, that they might recall. I personally am not 100% sold it works, as with some at least it maybe their own subconscious and imagination at work.

All in all

Having reincarnations and past lives, is highly beneficial to have and in most cases something we can be happy for.

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