Where did God come from? Who or what created God?

The Big Bang Created God

Where did God come from? Who or what created God?

The Big Bang Created GodWho or what created god you might well ask? Well I can only tell you what I have been told by, one of the most ascended beings in the afterlife and a son of God called Citadel. Citadel was called Peter here, in his time here on the earth. He lived here on this world, from 1945 to 1995, when he then passed over back to spirit. His work was done and finished upon the earth by that time. He was not a world teacher, but he set in motion a spiritual awakening of this world that will happen in due course. Citadel knows Father God, his father very well, and is the brother of Christ. You are free to except or reject what I say, or hold it for further consideration.

The coming about of God

I will go directly to the point in saying, that Peter told me while here on earth, that God was brought about by the Big Bang. Most of the rest of it, I have had to figure out for myself. It was obvious the this was a preordained event, and that it did not happen by accident.

What Peter my friend told me of Gods coming about

He said, when God come about from the Big Bang, he come about within it and come into existence within a split second, as his birth of sorts was the Big Bang itself. When he exited the Big Bang, he was by that time all knowing. He was a spiritual being nine feet tall and bullet shaped, and his aura was green. As soon as he left the Big Bang, he called out! Father, Father, Father! in all his immensities, looking for his own parent, but there was no answer. So from that we can gather, that God entertained the belief that another God could of begun, that what brought him about into existence.

What orchestrated and created God?


There are to my mind one of two ways God come about from the Singularity and Big Bang. First lets look at what most likely happened before Gods coming about.

What I believe happened was evolution of natures. Those of positive and negative nature. And later the advent of the natural laws to govern all natures. Being that the natural laws governed all nature, it prevented each from eventually becoming a God, one of light and and one of darkness. There for they join forces to create one God with both natures of light and darkness. This was the melding of both natures, like the Yin and Yang. Only it was for God to decide what to be like. Like most people he favours the positive natures and being all loving and good.

These natures have great intelligence to calculate exactly what it would take to bring about God, and they did a perfect job. So it begs the question, was it just natural evolution alone that brought about God. Or did another God begin that whole process of evolution, knowing the end result would bring about our God? Not even Father God knows which of these it was. But I am sure he hopes the he does have a parent. That so far has not revealed themselves or existence to Father God.

The universe is only the remnants of Gods coming about

The universe is really the left overs from Gods coming about. Somewhat like the shell of the egg that chick hatches out of and casts off. Most of the power and energy of the singularity went into God. Peter told me, that there is nothing that God cannot do. So he is all powerful and unlimited, and indeed our spiritual Father and live giver.

Father God believes in natural evolution

Gods Creation Upon Earth & EvolutionSo maybe we can now understand, why it is that God creates life in the universe. If life were possible, it most likely would come about within the universe, on worlds like ours. But there is no life possible without spirit, as spirit is the only life. So it was that God created upon this world, that already existed. He put the right ingredients here. He then waited for the physical trigger of life to happen and he then gave it spirit, that it might live. Peter told me the Earth was the first world that God created upon. He then went on to create upon another 199 worlds that already existed.

Peter also sadly told me, that of all the worlds of God, we are at the back of the queue. By this I feel he meant, we are the most self destructive and warlike. And most likely the least spiritual.

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