Time Tarot Reading – How to Make Precise and Timely Predictions

Time Tarot Reading

Time Tarot Reading – Make Tarot Predictions with Precision

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One frustration of Tarot reading is making time-sensitive predictions. As a divination tool, Tarot reading integrates one’s psychic sense, but calling upon that talent can be inconsistent for some. A concrete determination of time is obscured by layers of symbolic meaning. Pinning down ‘real time’ is difficult, if not impossible, unless one’s psychic sense is strong. Even then, it is not automatic like ‘clockwork’, and can be hard for the novice to achieve.

Luckily, there are Tarot ‘time value systems’ applicable to the classic Rider Waite Tarot deck, and the many decks beyond. My personal favourite is in the book, “Time Tarot” by Alarnah Tobin-Gray and Llyle Wentworth, published in 2002, a ‘Holy Grail’ of a book for Tarot readers.

Our Thanks to the Authors

We’d like to thank Time Tarot authors Alarnah Tobin-Gray and Llyle Wentworth for their very gracious permission for us to publish their Minor Arcana dates from the Time Tarot book. They’ve also let us condense (with editorial license) Time Tarot’s prediction directions in this article. This information is by no means complete, the book contains further details for the dates and timeframes, and reading advice.

Unfortunately, not many have seen Time Tarot, a magnum opus, as it is currently out of print, although copies may soon be obtainable through Llyle’s website http://www.llyle.com.au/ Please check there for availability, or search for it online.

Tarot Reading
Tarot card layout

Dates and Timeframes Given

Time Tarot gives calendar dates and timeframes for each Minor Arcana card. Any Major Arcana card represents one year of time. Tobin-Gray and Wentworth use suit names you may know, Staves (Wands), Chalices (Cups), Blades (Swords) and Pentacles (Coins). Besides dates, Tobin-Gray and Wentworth created their own definitions for each Minor Arcana card, each Major Arcana card, and introduced a refinement of five ‘extra’ original defined cards called the Semi-Major Arcana; we won’t go into them in this article, however.

We present to you here a simplified chart of the Time Tarot date periods, as well as a highly condensed version of the authors’ suggestions for predictive readings. Please note this information has been abbreviated by us due to space constraints, but the time periods and their representative cards have been faithfully reproduced in the chart below. The chart of cards and their dates/timeframes appears below the instructions.

Step by Step to Prediction with Time Tarot

In the Time Tarot reading system, time periods are applicable for up to two years in advance. To acquire date predictions, the first method below is the most accurate for simple questions involving time. For example, “When is the best time for me to move house?“ or “When is the best time for my holiday?”. Remember: we are looking into the future, not the past, unless that is otherwise requested.

1. Formulate your question
2. Shuffle the deck, concentrating only on the issue, and set the cards face down
3. Do not cut the cards
4. Turn over the top card
5. If you draw a Minor Arcana card, the period shown on the chart is when the event will occur
6. If the date is prior to the tarot reading, the event will happen when the dates next occur
7. If you turn a Major Arcana card, continue to turn more cards until you get a Minor Arcana card, a maximum of five cards
8. If a Major Arcana precedes the Minor Arcana card, add one year to the period in question. For example, if the first and second cards are Major Arcana, and the third is Minor Arcana, the time will be one year from the reading, plus the time period on the card. Even if the first four cards are Major Arcana, they add only one year to the time prediction.
9. If you turn five cards without a Minor Arcana card appearing, you are being told no date is to be revealed at this time.
10. Do not try to force a date, it will turn out to be incorrect.

Timing within a Card Spread

You can use any of the variously known spreads for predicting with Time Tarot. Within a multi-card spread, the date is always the fifth card in the layout.
In a three card spread, the time card is the second card. We get there by counting cards one to three, then returning to the first card, which becomes the ‘fourth’ card, and the next card (actuallly the second) becomes the fifth card.

If only Major Arcana cards appear, it means NO TIME is given for the reading, as there will be changes happening before you should make a permanent decision.

Similarly with a four card spread, the first card is counted as the ‘fifth’ card as you count through.

In a spread with more than five cards, the fifth card will always signify time. If the fifth card is a Major Arcana, look at the fourth card and add one year to the date. So, a reading done in February showing March on the date card means March of the NEXT year, not the pursuant month. If a date is not given, the reading is to be applied to the past year.

Using the Time Tarot Book as an Oracle

Should you be able to acquire the book, Time Tarot itself can also be used as an oracle. To do so, ask a single question, then open the book at random, and read both Positive and Negative definitions. Positive being the most likely outcome, Negative showing what you must do or give up in order to achieve your desired outcome. Dates do not apply when using the book itself as an oracle.

Time Tarot Date and Timeframe Chart

Card Time Period Key Upright Reversed
Ace of Staves March, April, May Beginnings New beginnings Delays
Two of Staves 20 March to 31 March Planning Success Reorganize
Three of Staves 31 March to 11 April Completion Opportunity Disappointment
Four of Staves 10 April to 21 April Harmony Reward Obstacles
Five of Staves 22 July to 1 August Effort New challenges Conflict
Six of Staves 1 August to 11 August Acclaim Success after strife Bad news
Seven of Staves 12 August to 23 August Patience Holding your own Strong competition
Eight of Staves 22 November to 3 December Positive change Progress, action Adjustments required
Nine of Staves 30 December to 13 January Gains Efforts pay off Must work harder
Ten of Staves 13 December to 23 December Oppression Darkness before dawn Reevaluate goals
Page/Princess Staves Within 10 weeks Messenger Good news Be careful
Knight/Prince of Staves 23 November to 23 December Movement Proceeding Bad decision
Queen of Staves 20 March to 22 April Loyalty Fidelity Restriction
King of Staves 21 July to 24 August Leadership Enterprise Seek clarity
Card Time Period Key Upright Reversed
Ace of Chalices June, July, August Happiness Beginning of good things Make a change
Two of Chalices 20 June to 2 July Appreciation Beginning of a relationship Loss of balance in a relationship
Three of Chalices 1 July to 13 July Fulfillment Start of a new life Make new plans
Four of Chalices 12 July to 24 August Dissatisfaction Time to reconsider Self-pity
Five of Chalices 21 October to 3 November Possibilities More to come Review before deciding
Six of Chalices 1 November to 13 November Serenity Relocation Living in the past
Seven of Chalices 13 November to 25 November Emotional situations Resolution brings contentment Self-delusion undermines progress
Eight of Chalices 17 February to 27 February Change brings benefits Abandon past plans Giving up hope
Nine of Chalices 9 March to 22 March Satisfaction Material gains Self-indulgence
Ten of Chalices 10 March to 22 March Realization of dreams On-going contentment Disappointment
Page of Chalices Within five days Loving messenger Important message arriving Self-centered, manipulative person
Knight of Chalices 17 February to 23 March Exalted, idealistic feelings Goodwill given Look before you leap
Queen of Chalices 20 June to 24 July In control A wise woman will help you Someone who lacks depth
King of Chalices 21 October to 25 November Trustworthy A responsible man Disillusionment
Card Time Period Key Upright Reversed
Ace of Blades September, October, November Victory Success Obstacles
Two of Blades 20 September to 6 October Indecisive Balance  
Three of Blades 3 October to 15 October Difficulty understanding sorrow Gratitude Disorder, confusion, upheaval
Four of Blades 13 October to 24 October Solitude Meditation Feeling of opposition
Five of Blades 20 January to 30 January Facing one’s limits Long-term goal achieved Feeling unlucky
Six of Blades 29 January to 9 February Insight, ability, adjustment Solutions found Plans postponed
Seven of Blades 7 February to 20 January Time for tact Surprise opportunities Plans upset
Eight of Blades 17 May to 31 May Indecision, trust intuition Freedom and movement Seek good advice
Nine of Blades 1 June to 13 June Anxiety and fear about future Patience, good things are coming Illness, hardship
Ten of Blades 10 June to 22 June Painful, final ending Travel by water Setbacks or accidents
Page of Blades Two years Start of mental powers Unexpected changes are good Feeling defensive
Knight of Blades 19 May to 23 June Sudden changes Someone who favors you Someone opposed to you
Queen of Blades 22 September to 23 October An unknown quantity Strong, helpful female Inflexible, intolerant female
King of Blades 19 January to 21 February Dual Personality A person in control A stubborn, calculating person
Card Time Period Key Upright Reversed
Ace of Pentacles December, January, February Start of prosperity, success Material achievement Missed opportunities
Two of Pentacles 21 December to 31 December Money, energy becoming available A beneficial change in finances, fortune Financial difficulties
Three of Pentacles 30 December to 10 January Early success in material endeavour Efforts finally rewarded Poor workmanship, lack of ambition
Four of Pentacles 10 January to 20 January Do not become overly attached to material things Watch for four new opportunities Setbacks and obstacles
Five of Pentacles 21 April to 2 May Period of financial difficulty, loss Use opportunity wisely Unemployment, failure, bankruptcy
Six of Pentacles 1 May to 13 May Sharing money, belongings Improvement in business Unsettled feelings, concern over poverty
Seven of Pentacles 12 May to 22 May A difficult work decision Welcome change in financial situation Self-pity
Eight of Pentacles 22 August to 3 September Talent worthy of development Prepare for the future Limited ambition, dishonesty
Nine of Pentacles 2 September to 13 September Time to analyse goals, desires Period of pride in achievement Difficult situation, possible loss
Ten of Pentacles 12 September to 23 September Period of on-going contentment Finances beginning to grow Lowering of living standards. Court involvement with family.
Page of Pentacles Three weeks Gathering energies, someone hopes to profit from you Someone gives you good, life-changing news Wasteful with money. Living beyond means
Knight of Pentacles 21 August to 22 December Self-development, inner strength, industrious High energy level, responsible Trustworthy person needs constant motivation
Queen of Pentacles 23 December to 21 January Wish granter, powerful influence Kind woman happy at work or home. Fear of failure, lack of motivation
King of Pentacles 20 April to 22 May Individuality Approachable, helpful wise person Double-dealing dishonest person


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