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crystal healing

Powerful Healing Crystal Stones – Best Crystals to Use

Crystal healing is nothing new. It has been used in many ancient cultures and in countless spiritual rituals. Today, crystals are worn in jewellery,...
Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship – Channeling Spirit Guides & Controllers

Trance Mediumship is When a Spirit Takes Control of The Mediums Mind In trance mediumship and channeling, the trance mediums mind is harmlessly pushed to...
crystal healing family

Crystal Healing & Family – Uses & a Shared Spiritual Journey

It isn’t always easy navigating family situations. When it comes to blood, emotions run high, people get heated, and countless things are left unsaid....
Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic Cord Cutting from Negative People & Influences

Psychic cord cutting can help to set us free of negative people and their influences on us Do you want to be free of that...
yoga practice

Yoga Types – Different Practices & Health Benefits

It is all too easy to ignore fitness goals for another day, week, or month. Don’t! With the holiday season approaching, it is especially...
Seeing Aura Energy Field

Seeing Aura & Feeling Aura – The Spiritual Aura Energy Field

Feeling and seeing the aura energy field with psychic abilities What is the aura. The aura is made up of two different types of energy....
Spiritual Awareness Meditation

Spiritual Abilities & Awareness – Mediums & Psychic Senses

Developing Your Latent Sixth Senses and Mediumistic Psychic Spiritual Abilities Would you like to become a spiritually aware medium or develop your psychic and sixth...

Iceland Stores Banned TV Christmas Advert – Rang-tan

Banned Icland Store Tv Commercial Iceland’s Banned TV Christmas Advert cannot be shown on Tv, because they deem it to political for Tv. The advert tells Iceland...
joy and happiness

Finding Joy – Simple and Effective Ways to Brighten Your Day

Bad days happen. Sometimes, unexpected events catch us off guard, small frustrations pile up, and major life changes knock the wind out of us....
11:11 The Gateway of Renewal

11-11 The Gateway of Renewal – Channeled Message 11:11 1111

11~11 The Gateway of Renewal Below is a channeled message I received in response to a question regarding the November 11th or 11~11 gateway energy,...



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