11-11 The Gateway of Renewal – Channeled Message 11:11 1111

11:11 The Gateway of Renewal

11~11 The Gateway of Renewal

Below is a channeled message I received in response to a question regarding the November 11th or 11~11 gateway energy, explaining how we will be receiving downloads of codes sent to renew and reset our energy fields.

Q: What is the significance of the day 11-11 energetically and what should we know and do in regard to this?

A Cosmic Reset

The 11-11 energy is transfigured by cosmic awareness (transformed by Source) in that it holds optimal codes of light for ascension purpose.

The 11-11-11 portal (2018 equaling 11 by adding each number to the next: 2+0+1+8) is a gateway for direct manifestation. The purpose of this gateway is to increase flow and charge through the downward momentum so that inner channels (of the human body) are optimally affected.

A Shower of Positive Energy

The Gateway of Renewal

The best way to utilize 11-11 energy is through purposeful intention of love-light/light-love energetics by absorption into the cell structure. On November 11th, a supernova “like burst of cosmic energy or dust is released into the gateway trajectory. These particles are in direct opposition to the negatively-charged ones that remain in substance from service to self (STS) groups past attempts at manipulation of energy codes, fields and the human emotion.

This negatively charged dust does exist but is not to be feared. This cosmic antimatter material is in itself a neutral building block or filament that has been appropriated for selfish use. The charge can be reversed with positive flow reinforcement through purposeful intention. The absorption of 11-11 energy flow while holding conscious knowledge of its ability to re-code or re-program particles compromised by STS beings will indeed restructure them to optimal positive energy codes.

Hold That Thought

Be mindful of holding the correct intention while you purposefully absorb downloaded trajectory charge and the overall effect will be one of cleansing and purifying DNA amalgamation.
The 11-11 codes are pure and will completely over-ride the false light codes. The numbers 11-11 are symbolic of manifestation and a new way of life and perception.

A Bright Trajectory

Fill your heart with gratitude, hope, love and appreciation. Hold the 11-11 codes in light and let them do their work as they are sent from the Creator with love and great affection to propel the Earth forward on its due course of ending the current polarized situation. The new Earth trajectory looms imminently in our future: bright and definite.

Hold the positive codes; place them with intention into Gaia’s crystalline depths as the
Keepers and Holders of the Light that you are.

Go forward with love, open hearts, minds and arms towards all your brothers and sisters and rejoice in this time of new purpose, love and accomplishment. ~A

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