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Developing Your Latent Sixth Senses and Mediumistic Psychic Spiritual Abilities

Would you like to become a spiritually aware medium or develop your psychic and sixth sense spiritual abilities? Well before you jump in the deep end, it’s always good to know the ins and outs of it all. That includes to pluses and the minuses, of which there are many positives and some negatives.

Firstly always practice the basics when using any spiritual ability and awareness

It is important to learn the basics of good practice and is safer, when using any kind of spiritual abilities. This is to help in your development and keep you as safe as possible. Practising spiritual abilities, has never been 100% safe, and probably never will be. This is because not all spirit are friendly or good. We can even pick up negative things from other people if empathic.

The next plane of spirit has all kinds of people. Some good and some are as bad or evil, just as they were in their lifetime here. So this is why it pays to know what you are getting into. As with many things there can be unseen dangers. For instance; the one day you cross a quiet road without looking, because you do not hear any traffic. Is the one day you might get run over by a very quiet electric bus that is passing.

This video covers all the basics


To begin with grounding is something we should practice daily, especially before any spirit work and activities or meditations. Grounding helps us to form and reconnect to the earth and its energies. This earths and grounds us. This will bring a sense of peace, balance and harmony to our whole being. As we connect spiritually with the earth any negative energy grounds, and the good energies of the earth rise up into us to restore balance. It also brings our mind and whole being back into the hear and now. It is like plugging ourselves back into the earthly vibrations.

If you have ever walked with bare feet on the wet sand on a beach or on grass. Then you might of notice how at peace and in harmony and balance you soon become, and how connected you felt.

How to ground

Well the best methods are walking with bare feet on wet sand or grass. If not walking in nature is another good way. Allowing yourself to connect with all the nature that is around you. Another way is to see yourself on some grass as a tree. See your roots going deeply into the earth, while allowing yourself to fully connect with the earth energy to ground. If not the sit or lay down indoors. Then see roots growing out of your feet, going out through a window and going into some green grass. See these roots going deeply down into the earth. Then ground yourself by forming a two way connection to the earth energy. This is often terracotta in colour. You might visualize a large crystal deep in the earth to wrap your roots around.


It is very important to always protect ourselves in any spirit activity or work. Especially in spiritual awareness, where we are trying to form a connection with spirit. The same applies if we are doing mediumship, or giving healings and such like.

How to protect

With your intention link to the universe, or pray to god asking for the white light of protection. See this light come down from the universe or god from above. See it enter your crown chakra at the top of your head. Then see it flow down through the main seven chakras to your feet. Allow it to fill your entire being. Now see it overflow out of the top of your crown chakra and envelop you. Slowly expanding out beyond your aura. It then forms into a protective bubble and shield of light. This can greatly help keep any unwanted negative energy or spirits out of your aura space, to keep you safer.

Opening the seven main chakras

The normal practice of opening the seven main chakras for spirit meditation or work, is to open from the root chakra up. So we would open the red root 1st chakra, then the orange sacral chakra, yellow solar plexus chakra, green heart chakra, blue throat chakra, indigo/purple brow chakra and finally the violet 7th crown chakra.

The chakras

In brief the chakra are our life force energy providers. But they are also our spiritual perceptions centers that help us to become more aware. They can also help us to be more powerful in other spirit work, like giving healing. They are like spinning disks or vortexes of energy. Some spin one way and others another. Here is one of our articles to the 7 main chakras.

How to visualize each chakra opening

You can visualize in the way you feel most comfortable with. Here are a few methods to open the chakras. If you find it hard to visualize, then know it is happening with your intent to open them.

  1. You can see the chakra as lotuses or flowers in the associated colours. See them closed in a tight bud, then see them opening into full bloom to open them.
  2. See the chakras as spinning disks of energy speeding up and opening. Then see their energy going out into your aura and protective space.
  3. Imagine the chakras as lanterns turned down low, and see them being turned up brightly.
  4. Visualize the chakras as balls or disks of light and see them getting brighter as they open and power up.
  5. See the chakras as windows of your spirit. Then see the closed windows opening and shinning out the associated colour of each chakra.
    1. After opening the chakras. It is good to see our whole spirit as a being of light brightening. While then allowing other secondary chakras we to open. Healers should also see the palm chakras opening to channel the healing.

Closing down and grounding after any spiritual activity

It is very important that we close down after any spiritual work or activity. To do this we need to run our hands from over the crown chakra. Visualizing it closing to a normal state and our spirit of light dimming. Keep running our hands over all the chakras lastly closing the root chakra. Then we should ground ourselves, the bring us back into the hear and now. This helps to plug us back into the earthly realm and existence. Now we should be able to focus more on our daily physical life. Rather than having our mind partially in a spiritual state of awareness. Closing the spirit and chakras and grounding, should also be done at the end of any healings.

Becoming attuned

Once we are ready to meditate, or to give healing or do other spiritual practices. That might include mediumship and psychic abilities or readings and such like. We should raise our self up into a more spiritual state. This is done to heighten our senses and spiritual awareness. This allows our spirit to attune to the thing, that we wish to practice.

Working with spirit guides, angels or other spirit including channeling

Meditation & DevelopmentOnce grounded, protected and attuned if working with spirit. We can then invite our spirit guide, angel or other spirit into our aura and protective space. So that they can move into our aura space. This allows them to communicate with us and aid us in what we are doing. It is wise to ask for one of your spirit guides to become your Gatekeeper. This guide will protect you and only allow spirit that are fitting to come to you as best they can.

Developing psychism

Psychism is an ability to give a psychic reading for a person or object among other things. The psychic becomes attuned to the person or object. Then gives an intuitive reading of what they are picking up. Psychics also use some clairvoyance.

To develop this gift can be natural and easy for some, while others need lots of practice. So practice often and that will help the development to give intuitive readings.

Developing mediumship

In mediumship the medium is giving a message from a spirit communicator to the recipient or audience using spiritual abilities. To develop this ability is often best done in a spiritual awareness group or circle, under the guidance of a good medium. Sitting with others increases the power that is shared and is also safer.

Again ground and protect at the beginning. Then open the chakras and spirit to be more receptive to our spirit guide or angel, or those wishing to give a message. Lot’s of practice will help, what is most often a latent ability to develop over time. However some are naturals to it and it can develop very quickly or has been there all their life.

Often these classes also teach some psychic development, as well as developing as a medium. This is because most mediums use some psychic abilities to link into spirit> This helps the medium to form a link with the recipient and spirit to make the connection stronger.

There are a few ways in which the medium will become aware of spirit. They will then begin to be able to give an intuitive clairvoyant message. Sometimes hearing spirit audibly in the mind, or feeling and knowing what to give.

Experiences and sensations you might experience during meditation with spirit

When developing mediumship, it is normal to experience many sensations. You may experience tingles of energy, particularly around the face, neck and shoulders. This can become intense itching, that is very hard to bear.

You may experience pressure on top of the crown and it the brow chakras. Spirit use their own power to open our chakras more fully. It can leave you with a headache after 10 minutes or so. You may experience the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. Goose bumps are another common thing that is experienced. Both are caused by spirits using their energy in our aura space to help us develop.

Other spiritual abilities

There are a number of other spiritual abilities that can be developed and perused. Again follow the basics or ground and protection with close once finished.

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