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New Age Art

Spiritual Love and Life Artist – Creative Inspired Sketches and Art Drawings

The Artist Rachael see’s herself as a solitary, eclectic witch

She has fibromyalgia that causes daily pain and discomfort with no cure, so her sketching, crystals and her spirituality, with a good dose of yoga twice a day, helps her to get through those rough days and nights.

Rachael Jean Art © 2018 | All Rights Reserved | @rachaeljeanart Intagram
Rachael has kindly allowed us to display 54 of her sketches below, so many thanks!
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Images Inspired by Life Love and Spirituality

Admiring Great Artwork Feels Like Falling In Love

Call it what you will New Age Art or other

Science confirms that art lovers in their heart has a appreciation of art the promotes a better quality of life and makes you feel good and if great expression and can release dopamine and promote positive emotions.

“Love of beauty through Art”

New age art can be a Form of Healing and Therapy. It is our visual expression throughout history. Self-expression through art is great therapy. Artistic and creative use of materials, help us to discover our true stream of imagination and we can become lost in it. Enjoying art to sooth and help reduce stress, and promote relaxation, gratification, and self-expression.

Hence it is not always talent that is the the key for art therapy. There is Art therapy revolves around the creative process exists within each individual. Use your gift of creativity and let it unfolding form your inner self to take you on a healing journey.


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