Reiki Abilities – Developing them to Increase Your Healing Powers

Reiki Healing Abilities

Developing Reiki healing abilities to be a more powerful healer

As a Reiki healer, overtime time your reiki healing abilities can keep developing and increasing in the amount of reiki you can channel. This is both to yourself, in self healing and to your clients. Often this happens because your chakras are opening and developing more fully. And by our own dedication and devotion to Reiki. As well as the experiences you gain. Allowing you to become more proficient and in tune as a channel of Reiki healing energy.

Aiding development of reiki healing abilities

Reiki Healing Sessions

As already mentioned, lot’s of practice is often the best method. This opens the chakras and develops them during healings. There are also Reiki development meditations, that you might try, such as the videos posted below.

Here is a Reiki Meditation to Practice

“oshin Kokyu-Ho Is a mediative breathing exercise and welcoming of the Reiki energy, which is also incorporated in the Hatsurei-Ho.

Other things that can help, are having self belief and trust in your abilities as a healer. Self doubt can close the spirit and such abilities. Learning to ground, protect and open your chakras most fully, before you commence any meditations or healings. Including your hand chakras when healing like this Reiki Hand Chakra Cleansing.

Giving yourself regular self healing and cleansing treatments, especially cleansing of the hand and seven main chakras. This can help you to become a more finally attuned instrument of healing. Asking your Reiki spirit healing guide, to assist you in your healings and development.

When healing allow the energy to flow in the most freely in an unrestricted way. Healing yourself and others with love and compassion. Love is also a great healer and helps to channel the healing. Make sure not to take your clients problems. Being sure to grounded and protected yourself and client with white light.

Also remember to close and ground yourself or your client at the finish of any healing or meditation. Or you might find you pick up other more negative feelings and emotions and be open to spirit and other awarenesses.

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