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Mrs. Takata and Power of Reiki

Mrs. Takata and Reiki Power – 1974 Interview

by Patsy Matsuura, Advertiser Staff Writer There's power in them palms. Mrs. Hawayo Takata, the only Reiki master in Hawaii, claims to possess the key...
peaceful holiday scene

Peaceful Holiday Meditations and Affirmations

All is calm. All is bright. The holiday season is intended to be a time of peace, reflection, love, and gratitude. Unfortunately, our modern...
colour and personality

Even More Colour Meanings – What Your Favourite Colours Reveal About You

Colours are more than just a part of our lives. They are connected to who we are, the lives we live, and our own...

Dealing With Disappointments – Crystals and Coping Strategies

It happens. Despite meticulous planning, plenty of hard work, and lots of positive thinking…. disappointments are a part of everyday life. Knowing this doesn’t...
crystals for colds

Feel Better Fast – Crystals and Essential Oils for Cold & Flu Season

Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue and fever. These are all warning signs that cold and flu season is in full swing. Maybe you have...
favourite colour

Personality Traits – What Your Favourite Colour Reveals About You

Every colour has a meaning. Beyond surface interpretations or societal generalizations (pink as feminine and blue as masculine, for instance) there are deeper definitions...
wolf howling

Spirit Animals – Why They Can Change Over Time & Common Types

Nothing stays the same forever. This is true in both in life and when it comes to spirit animals. They have long been linked...
fertility and crystals

Crystals for Fertility – Helpful Stones to Add to Your Life

Many things in life are out of our control. Though we may try to will certain things into existence…it’s not always possible to get...
Reiki Symbols Reiki Healing

Reiki Symbols – Purposes of the 5 Reiki Symbols Explained

There are four main traditional Reiki Symbols used in Reiki. The fifth symbol is used by Reiki Masters at the end of an attunement....
essential oils

Essential Oil Blends for Anxiety – Three Effective Recipes to Try

Are you constantly worrying? Do you feel restless or agitated? Is it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep? These are just a...
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