Reiki Healing Hand Positions for Reiki Healers & Students


Standard Reiki Healing Hand Positions for Reiki Practitioners & Students

These are a mixture of my own western and Japanese Reiki healing hand positions. The video demonstrates 34 hand positions. Every healer or student may adapt these to their own personal style of giving healing. You may give healing to the arms and hands, and giving additional heal to areas they scanning and find need more healing.

Reiki Healing Hand Positions

Avoid hands on healing to sensitive areas

Give healing through the aura healing between the beasts, pelvis, inner thighs and buttocks.

Reiki healers use a mixture of Reiki healing hand positions. These may include hands on contact healing and healing through the aura. Over sensitive areas, hands off healing via the aura energy field should be given. Sensitive areas to avoid putting hands on are the breasts, pelvis, inner thighs and posterior.

Clients Permission

Reiki healers should ask their client permission, if they are comfortable to receive hands on healing. This should on the first session and again on the second session. Clients should be told, hands off healing will be given over sensitive areas. Healee’s should be asked, if they have any areas they prefer not to be touched or are tender.

Reiki Hand On Healing

The Reiki healer should us a methodical approach to their Reiki healing hand positions. During healing, hands should be lightly placed on the body, moving one hand at a time. Some healers like to heal with one hand on the body and one hand off through the aura. Others like to give the whole healing using hands off healing through the aura. The law in some countries, stops healers from touching the body . Try to check your local laws on this.

Each healer will in time find their own preferences working in conjunction with their clients.

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