Precognitive Dreams Come True Premonitions Predictions of Events

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive Dreams Premonitions Predictions & Dreams That Come True

When we sleep our mind enter a far more perceptive state of spiritual awareness. In our dreams we can have precognitive dreams and premonitions that predict future events that come true. Often these are near future events within a few days or weeks of them happening.

We are not always alone in the premonitions we might have as many might share a similar dream around the same time of the same event. Those who are more aware even get dreams or feelings of somebody that is soon to cross over to the higher life in spirit, ever at the time of death.

My Own Precognitive Dreams

I have a dream one night when I was a child, that my go-cart would get out of control and crash into a tree. WE live on top of a hill and there was a private road that I used. Three days later I was whizzing down this road and I lost control. From that point it was just as the dream had predicted in every way and I hit the tree. Luckily I was fine, just a bit shaken up.

Waking Promotions As Warnings of Foreboding

Sometime people can have waking premonition of foreboding that something bad is going to happen. This can be to themselves or others. We should take these warnings seriously, whether in dreams or waking states.

I hear of a lady who had a premonition that she would be in an accident that morning at a certain junction that morning if she drove her car at a certain lace on the road she was be taking. She took notice! He husband checked the car that night and one of the tires had a big bulge in it that could bust at anytime.

How do premonitions like these happen?

To my own mind some higher force it at work. This I feel is sometimes, that the spirit realms are aware of some thing that are happening like a terrorist attack or a natural catastrophe of some kind and give premonition of this two some in their dreams.

I also believe that God give our spirit guide, maybe even our love ones in spirit, warnings of events to come. They then give us precognitive dreams and warning of these events in out dreams or waking states.


So to sum up. It seems we should trust and take heed to these precognitive dreams that predicting future events or are given as warnings.

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