Reiki Healing Crisis – The Natural Process of Healing & Cleansing


Having a Reiki healing crisis is a normal part of the Reiki natural healing process. Not everyone will have one and even those that do, still benefit, find the healings to be very relaxing and beneficial. Those with more serous conditions of mind body or spirit, are more likely to have a reiki healing crisis.

What is a Reiki Healing Crisis

Well a Reiki healing crisis, works to draw depletions or negative energies of mind body and spirit. Conditions are then brought to the surface and released. These can be on following levels, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Reiki will natural draw any need of healing to the surface to be released.

Symptoms can be exasperated, becoming more prevalent for a short time while being released. This often happens the next morning. However it can be during or just after the healing or within following three days of healing. Once the condition is release, the client will often feel much better for it. Then the natural self healing process will continue.

How often will a client have a Reiki healing crisis

This depends on how many different things they need healing for. The reiki will naturally work through many levels of healing that are needed. In many cases the first and second sessions are when the Reiki healing crisis can be more powerful. Then they might lesson and by the forth of fifth session, will in most cases become only minor or nothing at all.

A Reiki healing crisis can cause some of the following symptoms

Feeling down as a negative mental issue or emotion comes to the surface to be released. Often followed by relief and feeling better. Clients will often experience what is being healed, as it come to the surface. Including physical pains or releases of toxins from the body as they are released.

This is all normal and is a natural part of drawing out and releasing the conditions being healed. Allowing self healing and a healthier state of mind body and spirit to be found.

Reiki Students Healing Crisis

Reiki students often have a healing crisis. This happens once they have received their reiki initiation attunements on all levels. This often happens the next day, but can begin with some immediately. It normally lasts a day or two. If the student has big need it can continue through the 21 day cleanse.

Student are normally ask to eat clean and healthy foods for up to two weeks before the imitation. Being told, not to eat red meats, no alcohol for several days or longer. No smoking including cannabis for a week, I normally say 48 hours. Drink plenty of water. If they cheat on this they can have a healing crisis just before or during the attunement.

Reiki Healers Healing Crisis

Those initiated into reiki who become reiki healers. Can also find they can have a reiki healing crisis. This is often when they first begin to heal clients. There could be several reasons for this. Firstly this might be caused by the fact; they still have many very big needs of healing themselves. It could also be they are not self healing enough.

All healers should heal everyday or on a very regularly basis for their own needs. Or it can be they did not complete their 21 day cleanse after their reiki attunement. These things are important to help them remain a healthy channel for reiki to channel through.

Reiki students who have a healing crisis before the attunement or at their first healings with clients. Find it very often is a much more severe reiki healing crisis. They can become very hot, begin to sweat, become nauseous and even vomit, as the reiki try very quickly to put them back to rights.

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