Reiki Student Preparation for their Reiki Initiation Attunement

Reiki Student Attunement Preparation

First of all each Reiki Master, will decide how best to prepare their Reiki students for their Reiki attunements. This can vary greatly from one Reiki Master too another. Often depending on the system the Reiki Master is teaching.

Reiki student preparation for attunement

Reiki Masters will in most cases, ask their Reiki students to follow a healthy program. This will be for one to two weeks prior to their reiki initiation attunement. After students have received their attunement, it is okay to go back to eating, drinking and smoking etc.

Reiki students are often asked to abstain from eating and drinking certain foods and drinks, as well as other things. While being encouraged to eat healthily. Such as plenty of vegetables, salad and fruit, including fruit juices. Whilst drinking plenty of water to hydrate and flush their system of any toxins.

Things to avoid

Consequently, the Reiki student is asked. For up to 1 to 2 weeks prior to their attunement, not to eat red meat or fatty foods. Furthermore not to drink alcohol, coffee or consume caffeine.

Furthermore, to cut down smoking cigarettes for a week and not to smoke for 24 to 48 hours before the attunement. Stopping smoking is very hard, so cut down for at least 48 hours. Then absolutely NO SMOKING for at least 12 hours before the attunement. If you do not abide by this, you risk having a major healing crisis during the attunement. This could end up making you feel very sick, as the reiki tries to put you to rights for the attunement to take place fully.

Similarly, Cannabis should not be smoked or taken unless prescribed as pain relief. Really this should be for 48 hours before the attunement. If you are taking harder drugs than cannabis. You are probably not in the right condition to receive a reiki attunement.

  • Reiki Masters should tell their Reiki students that they should continue taking any prescribed medications as normal, even on the day of their attunement. Reiki has an intelligence of it own and will make allowances for this.

The General Guide to Reiki Student Preparation

Finally, the guide for each reiki student is to be sensible, with their eating and to be as healthy as possible. Some good advice, is to go for a walk in nature and meditate each day, for a week or two before an attunement. Those reiki students that have already completed their reiki I or II should be self-healing every day before attunements.

Learning reiki can be the most wonderful healing and life changing journey. It often that brings peace and good health to many students and healers.

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