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Reiki Level Attunement Ritual

What is a Reiki Attunement Initiation

The reiki attunement ritual is when a reiki master initiates the student by giving them a reiki attunement. Reiki attunements helps the student to form a stronger connection to the reiki energy. Before this life in spirit, we were much more connected to the reiki source energy.

However, this connection lessons in the physical realm. Therefore the reiki master helps to pass the reiki attunement to the student. This in turn, will help the student to reform and reconnect more strongly to the reiki universal/spiritual life force energy. Reiki masters will often ask their students to go through preparation for their reiki attunement.

The Process of Reiki Attunements

The reiki attunement is passed to the student by a reiki master. This initiation is given in an attunement ritual. These reiki attunement rituals can vary from one reiki system and master to another. Reiki masters may have several students to initiate in one class. The student sits on a chair with their back straight and hands in Gassho. In Japanese this means, bringing the hands together in a loose prayer/namaste position, with slightly more pressure on the middle fingers.

Some reiki attunements differ

Furthermore, as mentioned the reiki attunement rituals that are given, can vary from one system to another. Reiki 1 and 2 students often receive the same reiki symbols, but the actual rituals may differ slightly. In Reiki Master attunements is when the reiki master symbol is added. Generally, these are the four traditional reiki symbols. Although some systems use alternative non-reiki symbols.

Reiki attunement calling in

To begin the attunement the reiki master will either invoke or pray for the reiki and often give a calling in. Calling in reiki masters of past and present to help in the attunement, sometimes this includes Usui Sensei and others. As well as their own spirit guides and those or the student/s to assist in passing the reiki attunement.

Now the good part of the reiki attunement begins

The student sits with their hands in Gassho with their eyes close, while the reiki master performs the attunement ritual. The reiki master will firstly invoke the reiki power, then ground and protect the student. Next, the master will go through the process. Signing in the appropriate symbols for the level of reiki the student is taking.

To begin with the reiki master will open the aura and crown chakra. Then the reiki symbols are drawn in over the crown. The student then raises their hands above their forehead, while the reiki master blows the symbols into the crown chakra and up to the hands and then lifts the neck. This allows the symbol to flow down the spine and chakra system.

Secondly the symbols are drawn into the back of the head and blown in and then once again the neck is lifted. Next, the symbols are drawn into each of the hands and they are blown in and clapped in three times. Once again the neck is then lifted for the last time. The reiki master teacher checks the attunement has been taken by the student successfully. If not the attunement ritual is repeated. Finally, the student is grounded using a reiki grounding symbol, that is only used in attunements.

After the attunement the students begin their 21 Day Chakra Cleanse.

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