How Reiki Works – Spiritual Healing to Heal Mind Body and Spirit

How Reiki Works

How Reiki Works by healing the spirit, to then heal the physical mind and body. Reiki life force energy is channeled through the healers subtle spiritual body to the subtle body of the client. It heals the subtle spirit body and is then passed to the mind and body of the client. Reiki is spiritual healing and it comes from spirit (the healing source) through spirit (the spirit or the healer) to spirit (the spirit of the recipient). It then heals spiritually, physically and mentally/emotionally. Therefore it is holistic in its nature as a natural healing system, that helps to heal on all levels for all needs.

How Reiki works to heal all needs

Reiki energy is guided by a higher force and intelligence. Furthermore, it is naturally drawn to any needs and depletions of the energy body within the client. The healing energy seeks out and naturally finds those depletions and disharmonies and firstly heals them. As these good energies heal the subtle spirit body, the reiki removes any negative or depleted energies and replenishes them with good energized life force healing energies. The healing benefits the energy body, are then passed on to heal the spiritual and physical mind and body.

Life force energy and electromagnetic energy.

As spiritual beings, we are beings of subtle spiritual life force energies and much more. So as physical beings, we are made up of universal matter. This matter has electromagnetic energies among other things. It is fairly much certain that Reiki works firstly and foremostly to heal the spirit. In doing so, it then makes physical, mental and emotional healing possible. The reiki healers intent is always to heal the whole being in a holistic manner.

How reiki works to heal the physical life and mind. Our spiritual energies are different from the electromagnetic energies of the physical dimension. They are much more subtle and vibrate at a much higher level. Yet they can heal physically and mentally via the spirit of the recipient. To some extent these spiritual life force energies, change and transmute to be able to heal on the physical level.

Thus reiki spiritual healing energies, transmute and transfer into energies that are capable of healing on the physical level and vibration. Spiritual energy vibrates at a much higher and faster rate than those of the physical realm. So, in order to heal on the physical level, they need to slow down into the physical realms level of vibration. Maybe also generating energies that can heal through the bodies own electromagnetic energy system. Mostly healers channel the reiki life force energy into the energy body of the client. However, even these energies passing through the healer transmute, to in part directly heal on a physical level.

Thus, it allows for a much better and wholesome healing of all the clients needs both spiritually and physically. Often the healing can be tangible and felt not only spiritually, but also physically, as well as healing the mind. Thus it is truly holistic in addressing all aspects of our lives.

Reiki comes from a supernatural source

As healers we should not place any limitations on what reiki, can or cannot heal. Reiki is potentially an unlimited force of universal energy, or of god and the supernatural. Therefore how much reiki will heal, somewhat depends on how developed the healer is, and how open the client is to receiving reiki. We can see this as many reiki healers do develop stronger healing abilities over time.

Reiki works by healing the recipient with our intent to heal all their needs. They can be a person, animal or even a plant. Anything that is alive can be healed. Therefore this begins with the spirit and then passes onto any physical, mental and emotional needs of the client. Healers do not really need to know how it works, merely to believe and know that it does. With this understanding it will often work very well. So trusting in the reiki life force energies and their abilities to heal on all levels is essential.

Can everyone receive reiki

Reiki works with those that have an open mind and spirit to it. It bounces off and returns back to the healer with those who have no belief in it. Clients do not have to believe in god to receive reiki or be religious. Some people can block reiki, often because they don’t believe in it in some way. Sometimes it is because they have no belief that they are a spiritual being. This group often wishes to receive reiki, yet their mind and disbeliefs can often end up blocking it.

The barrier to reiki

I had a client and they really wanted reiki and wished to become a reiki healer. They told me they did not believe in God, which is okay. I said I would just channel the energy from the universe in this case. During the healing, I did not feel any of the healing energy going into them. After the healing, they said they felt nothing. It turned out, not only did they not believe in God. But they also did not believe in an afterlife or that they were a spiritual being.

This thinking puts up a barrier against reiki being received. So, even these clients own spirit would end up saying! You do not believe in me, therefore will not receive this healing. After the healing they asked me, if they could still go on to become a reiki healer. I had to tell them it was very unlikely they could develop it, with their current mindset concerning spiritual matters.

As a reiki healer, I do my best to help every client. I truly believe, one of the things that greatly helps to pass the reiki powerfully to the client. Is to have compassion for them. Passing the reiki energy with our unconditional love to our clients will greatly help. As love is also a great healing force to channel it with.

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