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Reiki Level Attunement Ritual

Reiki Student Levels

The three reiki levels of attunement are, Shoden First Teachings, Okuden Inner Teachings and Shinpiden Mastery Teachings. Most systems that have been created to teach reiki, have three levels or degrees for students to learn. Those being Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III, which is Reiki Master Level. Some systems teach the Reiki Master level to include becoming a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Other systems teach Reiki Master Healer part-a and Reiki Master Teacher part-b. This is to make it easier to teach. There are a few systems that have a fourth reiki level or degree. This is Reiki Grand Master and it is normally reserved for the most senior or prominent head of a reiki system.

Mikao Usui sensei the founder of reiki, only had one full attunement whilst on his 21 day fast on Mt. Kurama in Japan. Later it was decided to break it down into three separate levels and degrees of reiki. Thereby making it easier for the student to learn. Reiki students are reconnected to the reiki source energy in the three levels of attunement. The first, is Reiki 1 one third connected. Next Reiki 2 two thirds connected. Lastly reiki masters who are fully connected to the reiki source energy. The level of each attunement varies a little from student to student, as some are more natural to it than others.

Reiki 1st Degree Shoden – Reiki Level 1

To begin reiki, all students must firstly take there reiki level 1, before they can go on to take their reiki level 2. Reiki 1 is reiki first degree shoden level. Shoden translates to mean “First Teachings”. The reiki shoden level, is where the student receives their first reiki attunement. Attunements from one system to another can vary, but are often similar. Each Reiki master teacher can develop their own systems and attunement rituals. Only reiki masters can pass and give attunements to students.

The actual attunement helps to reform and reconnect the student with the reiki source energy to a higher level. This energy is universal life force energy, which is call Ki energy in Japan, or Chi energy in China. The attunement helps the student to reform a stronger connection the reiki energy.

The reason for that is, once we were spirit and this very life force energy ourselves before this lifetime. However, this connection is somewhat disconnected and lost in this physical lifetime and material existence. Therefore the attunements help to reform this somewhat lost connection to the reiki source energy. In the case of the reiki 1 attunement, they help to reconnect the student to about one third the connection and power to channel reiki.

Reiki 1st Degree Focus

The main focus for reiki 1 students, is to learn to experience the reiki energy for themselves, through self healing. Each attunement is followed by a 21 day chakra cleanse and self healing. The first week is the physical cleanse, the second week the mental and emotional cleanse and the third week the spiritual cleanse. Reiki one students cannot have paying clients, but can heal friends, family and pets. But the main focus is self-healing.

Once the self healing begins, reiki students and healers are meant to heal themselves every day for the rest of their lives. In reality only the most devoted do this. However, reiki healers should heal themselves as regularly as possible. This will heal their needs and helps them to be a more finely attuned channel to pass the reiki to others.

Reiki 2nd Degree Okuden – Reiki Level 2

Only students that have already taken reiki 1 can go on to take reiki 2. This is the reiki second degree okuden level. Okuden translates to mean “Hidden or Inner Teachings”. The reiki okuden level, is where the student receives their second reiki attunement. The reiki two attunement, again helps the student to form an even greater connection the the reiki source energy. In this case the students are helped to form a connection of about two thirds of the power to channel the reiki source energy.

Reiki two students are also taught the first three secret symbols of reiki. They learn how to invoke them with their intent and the purposes they wish to use them for. It is true these symbols are not that much of a secret anymore, as they are easily found on the Internet. However, they are not much use to those who have not been attuned to them. So, they carry very little power if one has not been attuned to use them.

Reiki 2nd Degree Focus

The focus of reiki 2, is to teach the student, the correct ways in which to heal their clients or healee’s. Furthermore, teaching students the appropriate techniques and methods of healing. This includes, distant healing, proximity healing in the same room, healing through the aura and hands-on contact healing. Including appropriate hand positions, to avoid touching sensitive areas. These sensitive areas are where hands should not be laid on the body are; breasts, pelvis, inner thighs and the posterior. These sensitive areas, should be given healing through the aura in hands off healing. The students are also taught how best to use the reiki symbols they have received and what combinations of symbols work well together.

Reiki 3rd Degree Shinpiden – Reiki Level 2

Only students that have already taken reiki 2, can go on to take reiki 3, the reiki master level. This is the reiki third degree shinpiden level. Shinpiden translates to mean “Mastery Teachings”. The reiki shinpiden level, is where the student receives their third and final reiki attunement. The reiki three attunement, again helps the student to form an even greater and the fullest and final connection to the reiki source energy.

Reiki Masters are given the reiki master symbol. This symbol has its own power, but also incorporates all of the reiki 2 symbols within it. Some say because of this, why ever use any other symbol? Well, reiki masters do not have too, but there is merit on using not only the reiki master symbol, but also all others. As a reiki master, I have seen them work well in different situations and combinations. Therefore, I believe it is good practice to use them all, as and when the need arises.

Reiki masters, unlike reiki 1 and 2 are fully connected to the reiki source energy for life. It is said, once this connection is formed, that it cannot be broken. So, it is really for those most dedicated to reiki for life. Therefore, the master level should not be taken lightly or for any other reason, other than being a devoted reiki healer. It is also true, that reiki masters do not have to attune to receive reiki or to heal, as it is on tap for them. However, it is still good practice to do so.

Reiki 3rd Master Degree Focus

The focus for the reiki master level, is to find the deepest connection to the reiki source energy. It is greatly aimed at awakening the heart and healing with the greatest compassion. This is in part greatly through the chakra system, especially the heart chakra, the real power center of the reiki master.

Reiki master teachers are taught how to pass the initiation attunements to students. This will be for all levels and will include all preparations for teaching. Helping their students to learn all the different aspects of the modality of reiki. Reiki is a natural healing system, helping healers and others to heal.

Reiki can be a beautiful journey of healing and self-healing. It is not only a spiritual journey, but often helps us make better lifestyle choices. Not to forget to mention how many people we can help alone the way, with such a wonderful gift to share. <3

Reiki Attunement Ritual

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