Soul Synchronicities in Numeric Form: Seeing 11:11

Seeing 11:11 Soul Synchronicities in Numeric Form

Seeing 11:11 is often one of the first “angel number” signs (which include repeating, ascending, descending number sequences, EG 12:34, 3:33, 3:21, etc.) That the angels or one’s spirit guide might send to get your attention. 11:11 is often one of the first “angel number” signs (which include repeating, ascending, descending number sequences, EG 12:34, 3:33, 3:21, etc.) that the angels or one’s spirit guide might send to get your attention. The number 11 is of special importance, as it is known in numerology as the number of ascended masters. 11, 111, and especially 1111 are significant signs of one’s consciousness’ awakening.

If you’ve already begun to experience the awakening process, it can be a message from spirit. There are a few meanings associated with this, and when interpreting them, as always, use your own judgement with what resonates; you can also refer to what you we’re thinking when you saw the message, in this case 11:11, as a starting point. This can apply to all the number sequences though.

The Four Meanings of Seeing 11:11

Clock 11:11

Here are four of the possible meanings of seeing 11:11; it’s also a number of manifestation. It may be the universe calling you to be aware of your thought patterns, as the energy of opportunity is coming your way! If you were intensely focused on positive things and your thought pattern followed with your intentions, keep it up; an opportunity will soon manifest for you to act to achieve your goals!

However, if you were having negative thoughts, 11:11 might be a sign to pay greater attention, and take care of this negative thought pattern. Since everything is energy, our thoughts have the power to influence things more than we may realize. So, take care to focus on the things you want, doing your best to stay positive. The opportunity in this case may simply be one to change your manner of thinking, and in the process, your overall perspective.


The second possible meaning has to do with the Law of Attraction in regard to your thoughts and feelings. By continued thinking, holding strong feelings, etc. you create a vibration, which thus attracts like vibrations to you, along with the people, events, and objects that carry these vibrations. If you are feeling, for example, lonely, and focusing on this feeling instead of on taking the action of making friends. You may unintentionally attract unwanted low vibrations into your life.

By still focusing on the negative feeling, you put energy towards that vibratory frequency of loneliness or sadness. This feeds similar frequencies, attracting these low vibes to you. Focus on the good in every situation and remember to be grateful for the things you have, instead of putting your energy towards focusing on what you feel is lacking. You will find this actually attracts more good into your life, as you are then in a higher state of mind. Thus, bringing the characteristics of higher vibration into your life.


The third possibility of seeing 11:11 could be interpreted as a message from your spirit guides, angels, or your Higher Self that it’s time to awaken, or another [major] phase of awakening is upon you. It also can mean the awakening or unlocking of some cellular memory within you. Which comes with a sense of remembering something long forgotten.

You may have dreams that feel real, which are actually your past lives or alternate realities; This is astral traveling. 11:11 brings with it a sense of peace and the message that everything is going to be okay, a deep Faith in the Divine. Your consciousness may be evolving. You’ll begin to see imperfections and struggles as a chance for you to learn and grow on the level of Soul.


Finally, 11:11 can bring a call to arms, taking the first action step towards an intention you’ve set. You must believe in the manifestation of this goal. The power of thought is just as important as the action steps. Your True Self is awakening to your purpose. It’s time to reach for those dreams, via goals, faith, and ACTION!

Overall Seeing 11:11

Overall, 11:11 should serve as a reminder of the great power one’s thoughts carry, and with that. The great responsibility and accountability that must be taken over monitoring them. Are you focusing on what you truly want? Or are you stuck thinking about the most negative points and your worst feelings about the situation? 11:11 reminds us of this point of the law of attraction, accidental attraction of negative or unwanted things. As within, so without; In this case, meaning that the type of thoughts and feelings you hold, positive, high-vibe frequencies, or otherwise, will attract the like! Take control of this principle, instead of manifesting these mistakes, take charge and become a conscious creator of your own reality. Perspective is reality is more ways than one!

Article by Sydney Geisen – Facebook

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