Dangers of the Ouija Board and Pendulums Attracting Evil Spirits

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The potential dangers relating to the ouija board and pendulums. Well, to begin with both can be used fairly safely in the right hands. This would be by more spiritually aware and developed psychics or mediums in most cases. However, there are risks attached to using both the ouija board and pendulums, when used to communicate with a spirit.

What makes the ouija board dangerous?

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The thing that makes the ouija board most dangerous is those that have no idea what they are doing or playing with. Most think it’s just a bit of fun, enjoying the thrill of being scared. But, when things go wrong, it can have direr consequence, including getting spiritually possessed or attacked.

The ouija board was originally called a witch-board and in the hands of the inexperienced, it can conjure up not only good, but also dark and evil spirits. The two biggest mistakes novices make is 1. they do not know how to do it safely by protecting themselves. 2. when they ask a spirit to come forward they invite all spirits by saying, is there any spirit out there who would like to come forward. This is an open invitation to both good and dark or evil spirits. Therefore, it would be wise only invite spirits of goodness and light to come forward.

Spirit coming forward blend their spirit energy with those present when invited too. What most people do not understand is that, it is not spirit moving the planchette, pointer or glass. Thereby, it is actually is spirit moving the arms of those with their hands on it. They do this by intent using their spirit energy to influence the persons arm to move with the answer they wish to give.

This is in the same manner by which our own spirit moves a pendulum. Answering from the spirit and higher self to give a yes, no, don’t know or maybe answer. Thus spirits can form a link with those using Ouija Boards and such like. This also includes Pendulums and Automatic Writing. Sometimes these spirits do not leave and can end up attacking one of more of the sitters. Because they have formed a link with them to have a hold over them.

What make the pendulum dangerous?


The pendulum again can be used safely. But, it always pays to protect firstly before using it. When using it to ask question of yourself, it is safer. Both when allowing spirit to communicate through it, then it can be far more dangerous. So, there are dangers of using a pendulum. These spirits again, are not moving the crystal, they are linking with the person to slightly move their arm to answer. Therefore, linking spiritually with the person.

Over time this link can develop into a much deeper and stronger connection. One this happens they can attack and possess a person. So, the best advice is for inexperienced people to stay away from it, in regards to using to communicate with spirit.

How to best protect if attacked or possession

With the ouija board, if attacked or possessed it is best to take it to a safe place and burn it to break the connection. Then learn how to close the chakras and spirit down to block this spirit as best as possible. Also learn to protect oneself with white light. This can help, but it does not always totally stop these spirits.

In regards to the pendulum, cosing down and protecting with white light, is again the best method, plus getting rid of the pendulum.

The best advice is…

DON’T DO IT! Not unless you are a highly develop psychic or medium, who really knows what they are doing and how to best protect themselves.

Finally, the craziest thing of all, is that the ouija board is sold in some games stores for children to play with!

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