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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Reiki Healers Healing Crisis

Reiki Healers Healing Crisis – Hot Sweaty Dizzy Nauseous Vomiting

As many reiki healers are aware, we often tell our clients, that they may experience a healing crisis after their reiki session....
crystals for jewelry

Birthstone Crystals – Traditional Stones for Each Birth Month

You’ve seen them before. Birthstone crystals are quite common and can be found in a number of items, ranging from jewelry (birthstone...
Reiki Treatments PTSD Abuse

Reiki Healing for PTSD Abuse Trauma – Cutting Psychic Cords

Reiki healing treatments can help a very wide range of conditions. Including abuse or many other types of trauma that a person...
crystal beaded bracelets

Make Crystal Jewelry – Simple Guide to Wrapping Crystals

Creative expression can take many forms. Some people love to paint, write, or draw while others enjoy making unique one-of-a-kind pieces. If...



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