Reiki Healers Healing Crisis – Hot Sweaty Dizzy Nauseous Vomiting

Reiki Healers Healing Crisis

As many reiki healers are aware, we often tell our clients, that they may experience a healing crisis after their reiki session. Most often the next day. However, reiki healers can also suffer a healing crisis when they begin to heal a client. It is normal for a reiki healer to get hot in the first 10 to 15 minutes of a healing session, when clients have big needs of healing. However, it does not make the healer feel unwell or sick, just very hot at times. This is normal and reiki working at a powerful level. Thus, it is during this time that the majority of the healing happens. After this the healer will cool off to a more comfortable state.

However, when the healer begins to get so too hot that they begin sweating and feel nauseous, dizzy and can even end up vomiting and having to stop. Then there is something very wrong. It happens, because they are not in a fit condition in some aspect of their own health. Which might be mental/emotional or physical problems, or even an unhealthy lifestyle. It happens because reiki is trying to put all the healers needs to rights in a big hurry. This is to get them into a fit state to heal others and triggers a major and fairly instant healing crisis. Mostly they have to stop the healing, before they get violently ill and often need to get some air.

When it often happens

Often, it can happen to those who are just starting out in reiki. Some of the causes can be. They are not yet in a healthy enough state to be healing. Often, it is because they have not been self healing or not often enough. Similarly, it can also be because they have not cleansed and healed enough after their attunement/s. So, it is a sign they are not yet in fit condition to be healing others. Hence, it is better for them to go back to daily self healing. At least, until such a time as they have resolved their own healing needs.

The 21 day chakra cleanse and self healing

Some reiki master do not teach their students about the 21 day chakra cleanse. This is an important part of cleansing and detoxing of the students whole being. To begin, the first week is the physical cleanse. Followed by, the second week with the mental/emotional cleanse. Lastly, on the third week, the spiritual cleanse. This is a very important park of reiki. Healers can go back if they have not done it and do it again, as it will still work. It will sometimes itself give the student a healing crisis.

The Healing Crisis

The healing crisis is a natural part of reiki. Many students have one after their attunements. Clients will also often have a healing crisis, as the reiki draws the problem to the surface to be released.

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