10 Common Mistakes Reiki Healers Make When Healing Clients

Reiki Healers Mistakes

Reiki Healers using their own energy and taking on the clients ailments

Those reiki healers just beginning to heal can make the mistake of not channeling the reiki from the source energy. Instead, they mistakenly believe they are the healer and use their own spirits energy to heal. Hence, after the healing they often feel tired and depleted. When healers use their own energies it also draws the clients negative energies and depletions, including ailments onto their own spirit subtle body.

Therefore, soon after the healing within an hour or so, they begin the exhibit the client symptoms. This can be metal/emotional issues or physical problems and illnesses the client has. Furthermore, it can also be any blockages of the clients spiritual energy system that can be taken on. It will take a few days for the healers depleted energies to replenish and the symptoms can last from a few hours to a few days.

When Channeling

The way I teach channeling. See yourself like a tea pot. Open your lid the crown and let the reiki flood into you. Allow it to brew and build up in you of a minute or two. Then tip your tea pot and allow it to flow to your hands and on into the client most freely. Reiki naturally flows and is drawn into the client, you never have to force it in. Just allow your love and compassion to flow to the client with is, as love is also a great healing force. This way you are not using your own energies to heal.

Reiki Healers correct and incorrect channeling

So, healer need to understand, that as reiki healers we are not the healer. They are merely a channel for the healing energies to pass through them to the client. Once healers understand how to channel correctly, as well as ground and protect, it will resolve these issues.

When channeling correctly, one should feel very up and energized or very relaxed and peaceful at the end of the healing session/s. Most often in a relaxed a peaceful state that sometimes makes us feel like we need a sleep to be deeply healed. Reiki healing is channeled from the universe and if wished god. The healer will receive a part of the healing energies for their own needs and feel much better for it.

Grounding – Protection and Closing Down

Some healers forget or do not ground and protect themselves before a healing commences and it is very important to do so. The grounding helps to being the healer into a balanced state before the healing commences. And the protection prevents them taking of the client conditions and keeps them spiritually safer. Reiki is the earth element of the four elements of natures. Hence, reiki needs grounding and connecting to work more fully. If not connected through grounding, it can end up draining energy from the healer, leaving them feeling very tired for hours or days.

Similarly, after ground and protecting, the healer should open the seven main chakras and the palms chakras in the hands. Then say the five reiki principles and then invoke the reiki energy to flow into them to power themselves up ready to begin the healing for when their client arrives. Healers only need to do this once at the beginner of multiple sessions. That is unless there is over and hour between clients. Then they can quickly link into the reiki source energies again to draw the reiki into them self once again. Healers should at the end of the last session, close their chakras and spirit to a normal state and ground themselves to close the healing session/s.

Grounding and Protecting and Closing Down the Client

It is just as important to ground and protect each client before the healing commences. This helps to balance them and keeps them safe. Many clients become far more spiritually aware during healing sessions. So, it protects them from negative influences. Again, the healer should always finish each healing by closing the clients spirit energy and chakras to a normal state and lastly, fully grounding the client.

This reconnects the client to the earthly vibration and like plugging them back into the earthly vibration. It also brings them back form any spiritual state to a more physical level in the present here and now. If this is not done they can leave in a highly spiritually aware state, to refocus them on earthly life. Hence, if not done they can start picking up bad feelings and emotions from others or be affected by negative spiritual influences and spirit.

Opening for Reiki and Good Practices

It is always good to open for reiki with a mediation. This could be something like the Hatsurei Ho. It helps healer to link into the reiki source energies, to then be drawn in them to power up to give reiki to clients or themselves in self healing.

Lack of Self healing

Reiki healers, should self heal everyday or at least as regularly as possible. Hence, it is a really good practice to self heal for a few minutes before the first clients arrives. This really helps to keep the healer in a healthy and well balanced state. Furthermore, it can really enhance their healing abilities to channel more reiki energy during healings.

Reiki healers should not control the healing

Another mistake, is that some healers try to control the reiki with their intention to heal this or that condition the client might have. When doing so it can prevent the reiki for going to many other needs. Reiki is guided by a higher intelligence and it will naturally flow and be drawn to and find all needs the client has. Therefore, we should not control it, as this can restrict it and we need to trust reiki knows best. Also we do not need to change or manipulate the energies, as they are in their most pure from when received and channeled. So, we should let them flow most freely. They will find their own way to what is in need of healing and help the client to the best level they can.

After healing the front of the client, healers can scan the then for additional needs to be healed. Again without control, let the reiki do its stuff! Then the same for the back. When the reiki healer knows what the clients needs, they can spend extra time in those areas.

Reiki Healers not having pure intention and unconditional love when healing

Reiki will not work well healing if healers intentions are not pure. More so, it should always be channels with compassion and or love and that love should be unconditional for each client. Imparting the healing energies to the client with love will enhance the healing and help the reiki to flow more freely to all needs of the client.

Not Focusing on healing because of distractions

It is very important that the healer is not distracted from the healing session. Often healing in a semi mediative state. So, avoiding distractions is important. Like chatting with the client the whole way through the healing session is very distracting, or when children or others are around making too much noise. This is not only distracting for the healer, but also not a relaxing environment for the client. Pick a time when it is peaceful and a quite time to heal. Play gently relaxing or mediative music softly in the background or to mask ambient noise.

If the healer losses focus on the healing, less of it will channel to the client and if the client is not relaxed, they will not be so open to fully receive the healing, which can block some of its benefits.

Giving other treatments without being qualified

Reiki healing sessions, are about giving reiki and nothing else. However, crystals are sometimes used and placed on the seven main chakras. This is for cleansing the chakras. Smudging the aura with white sage or similar is also okay to do. Applying aromatherapy oils to a client should not be practiced in reiki. It is okay to have them in a burner to sent the room and enhance the healing. Reiki healers should not give any massage or any other treatments during a session. This includes counsellings and psychic or clairvoyant messages. If healers are qualified in other therapies and have other abilities, it is best to offer them separately at another time.

Giving advice or recommendations on medication

Reiki healer are qualified as reiki healer and should not even give advice to client to stop any medication they are on. Doing so could be very detrimental to the clients health and well-being. Reiki healers and not qualified medical practitioners. So, if a client asks about their medication, reiki healers should refer them back to their doctor. Reiki healers should tell their clients if their symptoms persist to see a doctor or medical professional.

Professional Conduct

Reiki healers should always conduct themselves in a befitting and professional manner. The principle is to heal and never to take advantage of a client or their situation/s and any vulnerabilities. Reiki healers should also avoid hands on healing to very painful or sensitive areas and give healing through the aura over breasts, pelvis, inner thighs and posterior.

Healers should not charge unreasonably high fees or taking advantage of the needy. Healers can charge for the value of their time and should not charge anything for the healing energy itself. The healing energies are given freely from the universe and/or God. Thus, healers we should always give it freely as a gift and only charge for their time.

Reiki healers should treat what is said by their client in confidence. Reiki healers can confer for advice with another reiki healers on a clients conditions if need be. This again should be in confidence and without naming the client,. Only seeking advice or conferring on how best to deal with a situation or condition.


Work as a humble instrument and channel of healing. Working for the greater good, with the best of intentions toward your fellow mankind and all other life you may heal. Heal without and judgment of those who come to you to receive healing.

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