Reiki Distant Healing – Best Ways to Send Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

How best to give and send a reiki distant healing

Reiki distant healing or absent healing, is healing imparted at any distance from the healer to the client. There are a few ways in which to send out reiki distant healings. It is always good practice to first ground and protect yourself and your client before you send out any distant healing. Furthermore, healers should also close and ground a client at the end of each distant healing session, to reconnect them to the earth.

Why, because if they are left open the can pick up other peoples negative feelings and emotions, as well as be more vulnerable to spirit having unwanted effects on them. So, healers close the clients chakras to a normal state and see the clients spirit dimming. Finally, they then ground the client, by visualizing the client being ground by them. A good way to do this is to see yourself as a tree and the client with you as a tree while you hold them, with your own and their roots going deeply into the earth grounding and balancing.

Reiki healings given at a distant happen more quickly that with a client in person. Normally the healing will take 20 to 25 minutes. Then you will feel the flow of healing energy tapering off and lessening. Often you will feel your hand chakras are closing.

Sending distant healing

Now, the healing can commence. Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters should sign in the distant healing symbol and project it to go to the client. Next, sign in the mental emotional and power symbol. Reiki master will also sign in the master symbol and project to the client with their intention. Either, one at a time or all together. Then begin the healing.

Visualizing the client

Most often when sending distant healing it is best, to ask the client to send you a photo of themselves, that you can look at now and then during the healing. This will help you to be able to form a much deeper psychic link to the client and enhance the healing. Also healings via web-cams can really help to connection to form more deeply and enhance the whole healing.

You can then project the healing to them for where you are any distance to them. If you like you can see yourself in their presence, as a being of energy. You can use your imagination to see them and place your hands on them, as you would do with a client in person. By doing this you energy connect to their energy more directly. Again, only laying hands on over non sensitive areas. Giving hand off aura healing over more sensitive areas.

Now, you can see your client as a spiritual beings of energy and impart you healing into they being of energy. Reiki will find its own way to all their needs. To begin with, allow the healing to help them for all needs for the first 10 minutes. Later you can then move around a healing any areas that they have told you the they have needs of healing for or feel they have a need. Use you psychic intuition to guide you. Your spirit guide may also help with this at times.

Healings performed via a web-cam

If you can manage to web-cam with a client this is great! You can interact with them far more with a live link to them. I normally get my clients to lay comfortable on a bed. As if they are sitting their head can keep dropping and it becomes very uncomfortable for them. I feel web-cam healings do enhance the healing to be even more powerful level.

Finally, finish the healing by closing and ground your client and then yourself, if you do not have any more clients to heal. Give thanks for the healing to the healing source and to your healing guide and then close the session.

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