Reiki Master Teachers & Substandard Levels of Teaching Reiki

Reiki Master Teachers

The Levels at Which Reiki Master Teachers are Teaching their Students

Reiki Master Teachers, in many cases are making a great job of both passing the attachments and teaching their Reiki Students at a high standard. However, sadly some are teaching at a very low and substandard level and incompetent at teaching. Furthermore, some are not even giving their students the basic fundamentals of how to be a good Reiki healer. All-in-All the standards go from supremely good to appallingly bad.

Responsibilities of Reiki Master Teachers

Reiki Master Teachers, have a responsibility to prepare and teach their students to a level of competence. Whereby, they are well prepare and competent to safely give themselves self healings and heal their clients. Some Reiki Master Teachers, are not even teaching the very basics like ground and protecting. This means the are sending out students who are ill prepared to give healing.

Grounding and Protection of both healer and client is essential. Also, some Reiki Masters, are not instructing students on how to channel correctly. Nor are they teaching students how to open their own and their clients energy body. Nor that they should close this and ground clients and themselves at the end of a session.

Reiki Students Coming to Me

I have reiki students coming to me and I had one just the other day. She was saying she attuned and taught Reiki Levels 1 & 2 on the same day in just one day. There is no way this can be done. It might be possible to teach Reiki 1 in one day and Reiki 2 in two days.

She then told me she had not been taught how to self heal and was only shown a quick demonstration of healing. This was without having the opportunity of practicing it herself. She had not been taught, that for three weeks after her attunements. She would need to do the 21 day self healing detox and chakra cleanse. The first week is the physical cleanse, the second the mental/emotional cleanse and the third the spiritual cleanse.

She had also been told that this course was a introduction to Reiki. In which in that case she should not of received any attunements. Nor should she of been certificated as a competent Reiki healer. The Reiki Master told them that they would need to go on a learn the rest for themselves. This just a horrendously substandard and the most incompetent level of teaching Reiki.

Reiki Master Responsibilities

Teaching Reiki like this goes against all the good principle of being a worthy Reiki Master Teacher. Hence, there is a need for a set level of Reiki teaching to come into effect. This should be to what is a good and competent level with a set program of study. Setting the essential course syllabus and all components for each student to study on each of the levels of Reiki. This should include a certain amount of time allocated to theory and practical application to practice self-healing and healing where applicable.

Reiki Masters have a responsibility to pass on the gift of Reiki to their students. If they send out ill prepare students to give healing with inadequate training. It can be dangerous for both the student and their clients.

Reiki Master Teachers Profiteering

One can only think, if a Reiki Masters are putting such little effort into teaching their students correctly. They are doing only for one thing, the money and have not care for what is best for their students. Nor their own poor standards of teaching.

These day anyone can become a Reiki Master Teacher, and that is half the problem. The wrong kind of people are becoming them. To be a Reiki Master it should take devotion to Reiki and a duty of care. It’s all to easy. I personally have been teaching Reiki student for past 3 years. Up till not I have not yet taught one student their Reiki Masters level. Because I would only ever pick those who are truly worthy of it.

I have one student that has done her Reiki 1 &2 with me and she is totally worth of it. But I set standard. I told her before she can go on to do her Reiki Master level. She must have 6 months of healing and self healing practice and must of healer at least 50 clients for experience before I will teach and attune her to become a Reiki Master.

The Founder of Reiki

In Japan in the early days it was very hard to become a Reiki Master. The founder of Reiki, Usui Sensei, taught 2000 student and only 16 of those went on to become Reiki Masters.


Finally, I would recommend if you which to become a Reiki healer and student. Then take your time to find a really good and highly recommended Reiki Master Teacher. So that, you will receive a good quality of training, which is your foundation to go on to become are great Reiki healer.

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