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There are four main traditional Reiki Symbols used in Reiki. The fifth symbol is used by Reiki Masters at the end of an attunement. I respect that these symbols are all meant to be kept a secret, and are not meant to be drawn in front of clients or others who are not attuned to use them. So, there are no diagrams of them, nor and I saying what their secret names are.

Reiki Symbols for Reiki Healers

These Reiki symbols are only meant to be used by those who have been initiated to them in their Reiki attunements. The symbols help to reconnect students to the reiki life force energy. In real terms, they hold little or not power for those who use have not received them and been attuned to use them.

Reiki level 1 students do not use the three Reiki symbols they receive in their Reiki attunement ritual. Reiki level 2 students are taught how to use the three Reiki symbols they have received. Which are the first three Reiki symbols below. Reiki Masters receive the first three symbols, plus the master symbol in their attunement ritual.

The First Reiki Symbol

The Reiki power symbol is the first symbol to be used in Reiki. It can be used to open a client’s chakras and energy body to better help them received the healing energies. Normally, it is gently pushed through the aura to open it or blown lightly into the crown chakra. This will open the seven main chakras and energy body to receive the healing.

It can also be used to seal in the healing at the end over the client’s heart. This is done so that the healing will keep working for up to three days after the healing.

However, its main purpose is to invoke and increase the healing power given to a specific area of the client. This would be where there is a bigger need. This focuses the energy more powerfully on that area. The power symbol can also be used to super empower all other symbols. Other than the master symbol, which is already of the highest power.

The Second Reiki Symbol

The Reiki mental and emotional symbol is the second symbol. It is used for any mental-emotional healing needs the client has. It is often drawn and invoked over the head and heart and then pushed or blown lightly into the client.

Furthermore, with a client who has big mental-emotional needs, it can be super-empowered with the power symbol. Firstly the mental-emotional symbol is drawn and then the power symbol just behind it in front of the healer. Then both can be pushed or blown lightly into the client.

The Third Reiki Symbol

The Reiki distant healing symbol is the third symbol. It is used to heal the client at any distance. This symbol is not restricted by time or space. Thus, healing can be sent into the past, present, and future. In the present to heal a client at any distance or even a person who has recently died to help their transition into spirit.

Next, it can be sent to somebody for a future time. For instance, somebody is going for an operation. Therefore, the Reiki healer can send it to be there for that person at that time. It might be used like this for somebody going for an interview to help them remain calm. Another great use is to send it to the client before they arrive for their first treatment to help them relax and feel calm.

Again the distant healing symbol can be stacked with the other symbols to sent together one at a time. Firstly, draw the distant healing symbol, then the mental-emotional symbol, then the power symbol. Then send them all together with your intent into the distant client or one at a time if you prefer.

The Fourth Reiki Symbol

The Reiki Master symbol is the fourth symbol. Reiki masters are 100% connected to the Reiki life force energies. The Reiki Master symbol has its own higher power when draw and invoked. However, all three of the first symbols are also a part of it and are incorporated within it.

Hence, it is super powerful in its healing capabilities. As whenever it is drawn all needs are always addressed. It can be used to open the client in the same way as Reiki 2 students use the power symbol. The power symbol is still often the best symbol to used to seal in the healing. It is still very good practice for Reiki Masters to use all four symbol.

The Fifth Reiki Symbol

The Reiki grounding symbol is the fifth symbol. Only Reiki master teachers are taught the reiki grounding symbol. Traditionally it was only ever used to ground students at the end of their attunements. However, I personally use it at times to ground my distant clients.

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