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dealing with fear

How to Handle Fear – Four Helpful Strategies to Find Your Inner Calm

The world has changed. There is an intense amount of uncertainty facing society today, thanks to political division and life-threatening viruses. Among...
crystal healing

Crystal Troubleshooting – What to do When Your Crystals Aren’t Working

Don’t worry. It happens to beginners and experienced crystal enthusiasts alike. One minute, your favourite crystal is overflowing with positive energy. The...
Reiki Ethical Guidelines Code of Conduct

Ethical Codes of Conduct & Guidelines for Reiki Healers

Ethical Codes of Conduct and Guidelines for Reiki Healers & Practitioners Reiki practitioners should follow ethical and good conduct...
colour therapy

Chromotherapy – What is it and Does it Actually Work?

The world is a colourful place. Whether you're enjoying a scenic walk through a lush green forest or are driving past a...
working out

Workout Benefits: The Importance of Exercise + How to Get Started

You’ve heard it said all your life: exercise is good for you. That may be true, but have you ever really stopped...
new years resolutions

New Year Crystals: Start off the New Year with These Stones

The start of a new year is always a little bittersweet. On one hand, there are twelve beautiful months to accomplish goals...



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