The Healing Power of Feng Shui



By E. J. Shaffert

Director, London School of Feng Shui

International Online Program


While I write this, the world is facing a challenging situation.  It is unlike anything we have seen for generations. As I sit at my desk this afternoon and look out the window, the trees are budding with new growth.  However, the streets are empty and the playground nearby is quiet. Today, we are in the second month of a nationwide shut down, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

My wife and I consider ourselves fortunate, in that we can easily work from home.  And the activity of our two dogs and our new cat makes for a lively household.  

At the same time, I feel deeply for those who are in isolation. Being shut in at home can be a depressing and debilitating experience.  We can wonder what might bring us the greatest feelings of healing and comfort.  For this, Feng Shui has traditionally been used to help us optimise our living spaces for the greatest quality of life.

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As a Feng Shui consultant and teacher for over 20 years, I have helped people understand the energy of their space.  The practice of Feng Shui dates back over 5,000 years, and it is usually associated with China.  However, all cultures have some form of Feng Shui.  It is our natural instinct as human beings to question how to best optimize our living spaces.

In these troubling times, it is especially important to make our homes feel nurtured and happy.  This is possible, even if you can’t go out shopping!

Perhaps there is a “Silver Lining” in this pandemic shut down.  We could have more time to focus on our needs at home. So, while you are stuck inside, you might address any stuck energy in your space.


Does your home feel refreshed and alive?  Or is it cluttered with things that no longer inspire or serve you?

The word clutter comes from the same root as the word clot, as in blood clot. This indicates a block in the flow of energy.  One of the best ways to begin is with one room at a time.  Move in a clockwise direction, starting at the door of that room.  Then, deal with any clutter that is in your path. If the first thing you encounter is a bookcase, address that right away, before moving on.

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With Feng Shui, there should always be space for new opportunities. If your bookcase is already jammed full of books, there is no space for something new.  As a general rule, bookshelves should be filled only about two-thirds full.  Leave space for new books and things that you love.

Don’t take each object in hand and place it in another room.  This can take forever!  Instead, bring three boxes with you.  One box is for the things you want to relocate.  The second box for things you want to give away.  And the third box for things to throw away.  Complete your rounds of each room, with your three boxes in tow.  Then, relocate everything to other places.

The bedroom is the most important room to address.  This is because the bedroom is usually where we spend most of our time.  Clearing clutter in your bedroom is essential. Pay particular attention to the tops of side tables and the space underneath your bed. Many people store boxes of unused clothing under the bed.  However, it is best not to keep anything under the bed as this blocks the flow of energy.


Once you have cleared the clutter in a room, add some Feng Shui touches.  For example, you might bring in some fresh flowers.  Or, do a bit of shopping online for some new pillows with colours that make you smile.

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You might also consider rearranging the furniture in each room.  This can really open up more space. Don’t hesitate to remove a chair or other small piece of furniture.  You may be amazed at how removing just one piece of furniture can open up a space.  Once we try new arrangements, it can be surprising how refreshing it can be.


Another consideration is called the Five Elements.In Chinese philosophy, everything is comprised of the Five Elements.  These are Earth, Metal, Fire, Water, and Wood.  All five of these elements are important in our space.  But, if we have too much of any of these elements, the energy will feel out the balance.  Then, we can end up feeling stuck, unfocused or drained.

You can bring the elements themselves into your space.  Or, you can also use the colors associated with each of the elements. For example, if you want the healing power of water in your space, you can use a fountain. Or, you could also use the colors black and dark blue.  These are the colors which are connected with this element, to have the same effect.

According to Chinese philosophy, here are the colors associated with each of the element,

  • Earth: Brown and yellow
  • Metal: White and gray
  • Fire: Red and purple
  • Water: Black and dark blue
  • Wood: Green and medium blue

To begin, notice which colors are predominant in your space.  This way, you will get a sense of which elements are affecting you the most. Then, try bringing in other colors.  This can be on the walls, or with pillows and soft furnishings.  These are all good ways to balance the Five Element color palette.


Next, think about the pictures you have on the walls.  The images we see when we wake up are deeply impactful.  So, don’t check your phone first thing! Instead, be sure to have images you see when you awaken that make you feel happy and loved.  The old expression says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  So choose your images carefully!

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In Feng Shui, the images on our walls represent our vision of the future.  If your walls are blank, or filled with any unpleasant pictures, this can negatively affect us.  Instead, use photographs from your vacations or pictures of loved ones.  Look for any artwork which is inspirational.  You might selectively shop online.  Seek to purchase posters or artwork which will bring new vitality and vision to your space.


As another recommendation, I suggest that you experiment with aromatherapy.  This brings the healing power of plant extracts into your space.  You can use an aromatherapy distiller to diffuse the scents.  Consider the oils of Wild Orange, Basil, and Bergamot in your kitchen or living room, to feel uplifted.  In your bedroom, Lavender, Rose, or Jasmine can help you feel relaxed and comforted.

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As a final recommendation, I suggest that you create an altar which embodies spiritual peace and healing. The things we look at have a tremendous impact on our emotions.  So, to help you feel uplifted and serene, create an altar to your Inner Self.

Your altar could be placed on the top of a bookcase, bureau, or other surface. Consider laying down a beautiful piece of cloth.  Then, select a small number of objects which invoke a connection for you to your inner sense of spirituality.

A sample of objects you might choose could be crystals or things you have picked up in nature.   Then, consider adding some beautiful art or photos of loved ones.  You can also place any written affirmations or prayers which resonate with you.

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Then, you might design a ritual to do at your altar. This could be something simple.  Consider lighting a candle or adding some fresh flowers to the display.  While doing your ritual, consider saying a prayer or affirmation to begin or end your day.


By following these suggestions, you will find ways to refresh your space.  Then, create your home as a healing and rejuvenating influence for that will last years to come.

About the author:

E J Shaffert is the author of FENG SHUI & MONEY (Allworth Press) and the director of the London School of Feng Shui, which offers an international online program.  EJ has positively affected the lives of thousands of clients and students with his consultations, teachings, book and media appearances.

Copyright, E. J. Shaffert 2020.  All rights reserved, may be copied or published solely upon permission of the author.  All images are copyright free.

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