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Reiki Ethical Guidelines Code of Conduct

Ethical Codes of Conduct & Guidelines for Reiki Healers

Ethical Codes of Conduct and Guidelines for Reiki Healers & Practitioners Reiki practitioners should follow ethical and good conduct guidelines and practices at all times...
colour therapy

Chromotherapy – What is it and Does it Actually Work?

The world is a colourful place. Whether you're enjoying a scenic walk through a lush green forest or are driving past a multi-coloured billboard...
working out

Workout Benefits: The Importance of Exercise + How to Get Started

You’ve heard it said all your life: exercise is good for you. That may be true, but have you ever really stopped to think...
new years resolutions

New Year Crystals: Start off the New Year with These Stones

The start of a new year is always a little bittersweet. On one hand, there are twelve beautiful months to accomplish goals and transform...
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