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spiritual symbols

Spiritual Symbols in Dreams – What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Often, we forget our dreams by the time the alarm goes off in the morning....but not always! The average person remembers one to two...
drinking tea

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea – Feel Better and Get Grounded!

Grab yourself a cup tea. It’s good for you! In fact, it is great for you. Not only does a warm cuppa help you...

How the moon affects your sleep — expert tips

If you often struggle to sleep during a full moon, you’re not alone. Human beings throughout the ages have suspected that the moon may...
trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping? How to Get a Better Night of Rest

Sleep is a necessity…but it doesn’t necessarily come easily. People all over the world struggle with a variety of sleep related issues. Some examples?...
intermediate crystals

Intermediate Crystals: Must-Have Stones Your Collection May Be Missing

Rose quartz? Check. Green aventurine? Check. Carnelian, amethyst, and clear quartz? Check, check, and check. There are many beginner-friendly crystals for enthusiasts of all...
astrological sign

Affirmations for Your Astrological Sign

What is your astrological sign? Depending on your date of birth, you may be a Taurus, a Pieces or even a Capricorn. There are...
expired essential oils

Expired Essential Oils? When to Spring Clean Your Scents

All good things must come to an end. Even when it comes to your beloved essential oil collection! After a certain period of time,...
happier and healthier

Happier and Healthier You – How to Feel Your Best This Season!

How have you been feeling lately? Motivated? On track? Satisfied in most areas of your life? Chances are…there is still a little room for...

Spring Inspiration – Seasonal Affirmations, Essential Oils and Crystals

Looking for a spring-related quote to make you smile? “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is." This is a time of...
spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development

Crystals for Psychic and Spiritual Clairvoyant Mediumship Development

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities? Maybe you can predict certain events that will take place. Or you have strong gut...
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