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Five Stretches To Do Before Bed – Feel Better and Improve Your Sleep

A good night of sleep is priceless. Unfortunately, it is all too common to experience restlessness, poor sleep quality, or physical discomfort. Though there...
essential oils

Essential Oils for Each Chakra – Achieve Balance with Aromatherapy

Balance is important in all areas of life. Striking a balance makes it possible to live happier and healthier. This is true when it...
fall symbols

Fall Symbols in Your Dreams – What Do These Seasonal Messages Mean?

It is official. The fall season has arrived and that means the leaves will soon start to change colours, shifting from bold greens to...
Healthy eating for inflamation

What You Need to Know About Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation plays an important role in the body’s immune system. When you catch a bug or twist your ankle, your body mounts an inflammatory...
new season

Welcome in a New Season – New Age Tools for Transitional Times

The start of a new season is powerful. It doesn’t just signal the shift from one weather pattern to the next…it is an opportunity...

Communicate More Honestly – Tips and Affirmations for Honesty

It isn’t always easy to be honest. Especially for those that like to keep the peace! There are always thoughts, feelings, and emotions swirling...
identify your crystals

What to Do When You Can’t Identify Your Crystals

Angelite. Lapis Lazuli. Jasper. Moonstone. How many different types of crystals are there? An awful lot! Some are all one colour, some have patterns...

How Meditation Can Counter the Pandemic’s Impact

What do fear, illness and social isolation have in common? They are all consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are all major risk...
oracle cards

Disconnected? Four Ways to Connect to Your Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are becoming more and more popular thanks to their varied uses and designs. These stylish decks are often found at metaphysical shops...
spiritual symbols

Spiritual Symbols in Dreams – What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Often, we forget our dreams by the time the alarm goes off in the morning....but not always! The average person remembers one to two...
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