How to Take Advantage of Life Transitions to Create Habit Transformation


A recent study concluded that life-course changes provide an optimal time to instill new habits. Whether you want to improve your health, personality, or career, the following ideas can help you capitalize on significant life transitions to substitute poor habits with constructive ones.

Here are some tips on transforming your life from Spirit Earth Magazine.

Recognize the Opportunities

All living creatures default to a level of comfort, which causes most people to fear and resist change. Still, life is full of transformational cycles, and living beings have adapted natural processes to grow during moments of transition. Brace your mind to use a move, job change, or breakup as a time to exploit your inborn psychology to eliminate destructive traits and reinforce positive ones. Accept life adjustments like you do the changing seasons. Then you can define the character of the shift and avoid missing an opportunity to improve your life.

Enhance Your Career During Economic Shifts

Savvy entrepreneurs and investors realize that wealth doesn’t disappear in downtimes; it just shifts to those who can capitalize on modifications in consumer demands. Keep your skills in demand by developing better work habits like punctuality, reliability, and regular communication with superiors. For example, instead of arriving for appointments right on time, adopt the motto, “If you’re not five minutes early, you’re late.” Even if you lose a job, consistency can lead to a stellar recommendation from your previous employer. 

If you need to find more fulfilling work, don’t hesitate to promote yourself. Immediately get to work on refining your resume. Instead of sticking with a drab black-and-white document with little appeal, start with a resume builder to add some character to your resume. You look more professional with coordinated colors and high-resolution images. You may even look to a resume writer for more impressive wording.

If you’ve grown tired of climbing a career ladder, then it may be time to start your own business. Come up with a solid business plan and legally register your business. Some business structures limit your personal liability and confer tax advantages, but can be expensive to set up through a traditional attorney, so use a formation company to save money.

Care for Your Health After a Breakup

Parting with a significant other can be one of the most devastating shifts in life. Acknowledge the pain, but refuse to drown in sorrow. Use your newly found personal time to make leaps in your mental and physical health habits by starting a new diet, using 10 minutes a day for journaling, or 20 minutes a day for moderate exercise. Cut out mindlessly surfing social media to find out what your ex is doing. Instead, use digital wellness apps to remind you to take a break and do something productive.

Eliminate Toxic Friendships After a Move

A physical move is a great time to cut off emotional vampires. Don’t be ashamed to block the number and social media of false friends. Dignify the person with an attempt at a heartfelt conversation about your needs and boundaries. If the person won’t respect your wishes and work at being a better companion, you owe it to yourself to remove them from your life. A daily schedule assists you in having legitimate reasons for not wasting hours with negative folks, so end your day by taking five minutes to plan the next.

Learn New Skills and Hobbies After Retirement

Thriving retirees stay active doing the things they love in an environment they enjoy. Your newfound freedom is the perfect time to redecorate your home, which provides a suitable space to explore your creativity and maximize your golden years. Determine to put down the remote and arrange for a couple of hours in the late morning or early afternoon when your mind is most alert to adopt a new skill.

It’s also a good idea to keep up with new technology as you age. If you use PDF files frequently, having a tool to make adjustments with a PDF editor online can be handy. An editor enables you to store your PDFs in the cloud, as well as add sticky notes and text to make updates easier. Every little bit of technology you can stay up-to-date with helps learning new technologies easier.

Life transitions offer excellent opportunities to build healthful habits. Your mind is pliable for positive change, and you can live your best life.

Author Emma B.

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