Thursday, July 29, 2021
plants nature

5 Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

Have you grown sick and tired of being indoors? Of the same old walls? Life has changed a lot over the last year or...
breathing techniques

Reduce Stress with Breathing Techniques for Calm

Maybe your heart is racing or you feel uneasy. You may not be sleeping well or might feel rundown all the time. Sound eerily...
new year planner

Add Spirituality to Your Planner – Start Each Week with Positivity

It is time for a fresh start. This is the perfect opportunity to refocus your mind and wipe the slate clean. Are there certain...
change up routine

Simple Ways to Change Up Your Exercise Routine

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you do the same things day in and day out? Routines can be good, but they can...
remedy flowers

5 Natural Remedies to Supplement Your Medicine Cabinet

Feeling under the weather? Stressed or out of sorts? There are many reasons to look into medications and other types of healing modalities. After...
oil sprays

Essential Oil Room Sprays for Your Home – Benefits and Recipes

Have you been looking for a way to refresh your space? Breathe new life into your home with essential oils. They are a wonderful...
exercise ideas

Solo Fitness Activities to Try – Staying Active on Your Own

Fitness and group activities have long gone hand in hand. From local softball teams to aerobics classes…sometimes the companionship involved in teams and classes...
home fitness

At Home Workouts – Effective Exercises and Establishing a Routine

A lot has changed. In the past, going to the gym was a no brainer. It was as simple as signing up for a...

The Healing Power of Feng Shui

THE HEALING POWER OF FENG SHUI By E. J. Shaffert Director, London School of Feng Shui International Online Program THE NEED FOR HEALING SPACE While I write this, the...
dealing with fear

How to Handle Fear – Four Helpful Strategies to Find Your Inner Calm

The world has changed. There is an intense amount of uncertainty facing society today, thanks to political division and life-threatening viruses. Among other serious...



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