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being kind

Being Kind When Others Are Not – How to Be a Light in a...

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses. Everywhere you turn, there are infuriating headlines. On top of that, there are small hurts, like someone cutting...
benefits of gardening

Benefits of Gardening – 5 Reasons to Start Planting This Season

Do you have a green thumb? Maybe you grew up working in the garden with a parent or loved one or perhaps gardening is...
spiritual spring cleaning

Spiritual Spring Cleaning – How to Make the Most of Your Home

It is time to welcome in the new. The spring season is often associated with cleaning the household…but it is possible to do a...
spring colours

Colour Meanings – What Do Common Spring Colours Represent?

There is something undeniably magical about the spring season. Suddenly, the world feels alive again. The sun shines a little brighter in the sky,...

Dreaming of Crystals? What The Stones in Your Dreams Mean

How have you been sleeping lately? Maybe you remember a dream or two from the last several nights. The bits and pieces you are...
be more positive

Five Easy Ways to Welcome in the Positive

It isn’t always easy to look on the bright side…. especially when the world seems dark and dreary. Add in recent world events and...
angel therapy

Angel Therapy 101: What It Is and How to Incorporate It Into Your Life

Angels have been depicted in religious texts, artwork, books, and more modern forms of media, like television shows and movies. While the depictions vary…the...
Reiki Healing Treatment

Reiki Healers Insights and Advice for Good Healing Practises

Life Force Energy Reiki Ki/Chi life force energy is attracted to anyone who either taps into or has the intent to used it to help...
combat jealousy

Combat Jealousy with These Crystals – Stones to Ease Feelings of Envy

Emotions are powerful…especially emotions like jealousy and envy. No one is immune from experiencing them or the complex feelings associated with them. For instance,...

4 Reasons to Add Pilates to Your Fitness Routine This Year

Has your fitness routine been feeling a little ho-hum lately? Maybe your New Year’s Resolution was to workout more, but you've already grown tired...
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