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Reiki Master Teachers

Reiki Master Teachers & Substandard Levels of Teaching Reiki

The Levels at Which Reiki Master Teachers are Teaching their Students Reiki Master Teachers, in many cases are making...

Being Positive in a Negative World: Practical Tips For Everyday Life

Have you noticed the shift? These days, sensational headlines are everywhere, social media is flooded with hate speech, and many people seem...
chakra balancing

7 Crystals and Stones to Best Heal and Balance the 7 Main Chakras

Crystals and chakras go hand in hand. The chakras are energy centers that run along the body. There are seven main chakras...
Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing – Best Ways to Send Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing How best to give and send a reiki distant healing
card reading

Oracle Cards – Choosing The Right Deck and How to Use Them

Oracle cards have a rich history. Their origins date back to the 19th century in France, though their popularity truly soared during...
Being Happy Starts With You

Finding Happiness is All About You – Being Happy Self-Motivation

HAPPINESS IS ALL ABOUT YOU! Being happy seemingly comes easily to some fortunate people. No matter what happens within...
Reiki Healers Mistakes

10 Common Mistakes Reiki Healers Make When Healing Clients

Reiki Healers using their own energy and taking on the clients ailments Those reiki healers just beginning to heal...
Reiki Healers Healing Crisis

Reiki Healers Healing Crisis – Hot Sweaty Dizzy Nauseous Vomiting

As many reiki healers are aware, we often tell our clients, that they may experience a healing crisis after their reiki session....
crystals for jewelry

Birthstone Crystals – Traditional Stones for Each Birth Month

You’ve seen them before. Birthstone crystals are quite common and can be found in a number of items, ranging from jewelry (birthstone...
Reiki Treatments PTSD Abuse

Reiki Healing for PTSD Abuse Trauma – Cutting Psychic Cords

Reiki healing treatments can help a very wide range of conditions. Including abuse or many other types of trauma that a person...



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