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crystals for healing

Crystal Reading: What It Is and Four Different Types to Try

You’ve likely heard of psychic readings or even aura readings. Though they may be more widely discussed, a crystal reading can also...

Reiki ASMR Ear to Ear Session – Soothing Relaxation & Healing

I am a qualified Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Here to give you your Reiki ASMR Healing Session. Reiki works at any...
yoga practice

Hot Yoga Pros and Cons – What You Need to Know

It is good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Hot yoga continues to create controversy and division among yoga enthusiasts. Some swear by the...
Crop Circles UFOs

Crop Circles and UFO Hotspots Worldwide – Genuine or Hoax?

Are the yearly crop circles that appear all over the world especially in Wiltshire England every year... really created by alien extraterrestrial...
use law of attraction

Law of Attraction and Crystals – Use Healing Crystals to Manifest

You may have heard it before: thoughts become things. Though simplistic, this is a general way to understand the law of attraction....
Ouija Board Witchboard

Dangers of the Ouija Board and Pendulums Attracting Evil Spirits

The potential dangers relating to the ouija board and pendulums. Well, to begin with both can be used fairly safely in the...
Seeing 11:11 Soul Synchronicities in Numeric Form

Soul Synchronicities in Numeric Form: Seeing 11:11

Seeing 11:11 is often one of the first “angel number” signs (which include repeating, ascending, descending number sequences, EG 12:34, 3:33, 3:21,...
finding love

Crystals for Love Romance Relationships Lovers and Attraction

Love is the most powerful force in the world. So of course, many of us spend our lives either searching for or...
Spiritualism Clairvoyant Mediums

Spiritualism – Spiritualist Clairvoyant Mediums Proof of Survival

The Definition Of Being a Spiritualist Well, you do not have to belong to an organization to be a...



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