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Essential Oil Blends for Anxiety – Three Effective Recipes to Try

Are you constantly worrying? Do you feel restless or agitated? Is it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep? These are just a...

New Age Tools For Travel Anxiety & Staying Inspired on Vacation

Travel is an essential part of a balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a far off adventure to a foreign land. Simply making...

Essential Oil Benefits – Use Aromatherapy to Improve Your Life

Do you want to feel better and improve your life? Then consider taking a holistic approach. There are many essential oil benefits to consider,...

Smartphones Effecting Mental Health & Behavioural Changes

The impact that Mobile Cell Smartphoned Can Have on Social Behavioral Changes, Mental Health & Children In this modern world we become ever more dependent on technology,...

Reiki ASMR Healing Session for Stress Anxiety Relief Peace Restful Sleep

Reiki ASMR Healing Session Treatment for Stress Anxiety Relief Peace Restful Sleep Hello I am a qualified Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Here to give...

Reiki ASMR Video Sessions- Crystal Chakra Cleansing Aura Smudging

Reiki ASMR Healing Session Videos Reiki ASMR Play List Crystal Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Aura Smudging, Reiki Treatment Sessions Videos Hello friends! My name Neil and I...

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Relief for Anxiety Phobias Pain

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Find Relief from Anxiety Phobias Fears and Pain How to Free Yourself From Anxiety, Phobias and Pain with EFT Emotional Freedom Technique,...
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