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Essential Oils for Each Chakra – Achieve Balance with Aromatherapy

Balance is important in all areas of life. Striking a balance makes it possible to live happier and healthier. This is true when it...

Upper Chakras – Helpful Tools to Achieve Harmony and Happiness

Take a moment and answer the following questions honestly. Are you holding onto grudges? Struggling with self-love? Do you have trouble communicating? Do you...

Lower Chakras – Four Ways to Heal and Balance Your Life

Stressed? Worried about everything from financial security to rejection or betrayal? Do you feel unfocused and exhausted even after a full night of rest?...

7 Crystals and Stones to Best Heal and Balance the 7...

Crystals and chakras go hand in hand. The chakras are energy centers that run along the body. There are seven main chakras that begin...

The 7 Main Chakras Guide to The Spirits Chakra Energy System

The 7 Main Chakras Beginners Guide to the Spiritual Energy System The 7 Main Chakras are Life Force Providers of the Energy Body This is about...
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