Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Cleansing and Charging Crystals – Everything You Need to Know

Perhaps you added a piece of rose quartz to your bedroom to boost feelings of self-love and strengthen relationships with others. Or...

Sage Smudging – Cleansing Negative Energy from Your Home & Aura

Do you feel like you need a fresh start? Are you ready to remove negativity from your life? Sage smudging is the solution. This...

Reiki Hand Chakra Cleansing & Balancing is Important for Healers

The importance of Balancing and Cleansing Our Hand Chakras in Reiki Healing This article assumes a basic familiarity with Reiki practice, and is directed at...

Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners for Crystals and Crystal Healing Walking into a metaphysical store for the first time can be daunting. Everywhere you turn,...



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