Thursday, September 16, 2021
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5 Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

Have you grown sick and tired of being indoors? Of the same old walls? Life has changed a lot over the last year or...

Moon Phases – What They Are and How They Affect You

Look up. How does the moon appear? Is it full and round or can you only see a small sliver? These different shapes represent...

Walking Barefoot – Four Health Benefits to Consider

Have you ever experienced it? The true beauty of nature and connection? Take a moment to think back. Can you recall the blissful feeling...

Finding Joy – Simple and Effective Ways to Brighten Your Day

Bad days happen. Sometimes, unexpected events catch us off guard, small frustrations pile up, and major life changes knock the wind out of us....

Fall Nature Walks – How to Add Spirituality to the Great...

Go outside! Enjoy nature! You have likely heard those words time and time again, especially during the fall season. The weather has turned from...
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